Ketogenic Diets: The Not-So New Diet Fad

Cut Out Carbs and Cut Down Pounds

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

These are key foods within a ketogenic diet. (Credit:

As Americans, we are always interested in keeping ourselves as good-looking as possible, causing any new diet that surfaces to spark our interest.

This time around, the newest diet people are trying out is something known as a “ketogenic diet.”

Often referred to as the keto diet, it focuses on intaking foods with less carbs and more fat. If done correctly, your body will begin to produce ketones in your liver, which are used as energy, sending your body into ketosis.  

Eating something that is high in carbs makes your body produce glucose and insulin; glucose, the easiest molecule for your body to convert to be used as energy, is chosen over any other energy source that could be used to fuel your body.

Because your body cannot store that much glucose, the remaining gets converted into fat, and in turn, is stored and stick to your body, causing weight gain. Lowering your intake of carbs will take your body into ketosis, where your body burns fat from your liver, instead of carbohydrates.

Though it may seem dangerous to some, it is not exactly starvation for your body, it is just the elimination of carbohydrates.

Just like every other famous diet, celebrities are among the many people trying it out and often finding their trials successful.

As a gorgeous 50-year-old actress and mother of two, Halle Berry attributes her incredible body to a ketogenic diet. She says that her diet consists of lots of avocado, coconut oil and butter, without the intake of sugar.

Even athletes such as Kobe Bryant are on a ketogenic diet, avoiding all sorts of sugar to maintain a healthy and functional system. Bryant’s decision to begin a keto diet came from his understanding of the importance that food and health has in a person’s energy levels.

In fact, the entire Lakers team has followed in Bryant’s lifestyle change and have cut their carbohydrate intake significantly. Former Lakers trainer Gary Vitti stated that Bryant is an incredibly diligent athlete, taking his body and preparation incredibly seriously.

So where can one start and what is there to eat?

Similar to other diets, you cannot eat whatever you want while living on a ketogenic diet. On the bright side, once your body enters ketosis, your cravings will begin to diminish, making you less likely to indulge in foods you usually can’t put down.

If you start your diet in January because of your brownie and chocolate chip cookie problem, being on the keto diet for a little while will make you forget about those cravings.

While surviving on keto, it is important to stay away from certain foods: grains, sugar, potatoes, yams, legumes and believe it or not, even certain fruits. While this is typically a go-to snack for other diets, fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges actually contain sugar.

However, on keto, you are free to enjoy foods like meats, leafy greens, above ground vegetables, high fat cheeses, cream and butter, nuts, seeds and avocados.

Before considering starting this diet, you should be aware of the side effects it could have, such as cramps, constipation and heart palpitations.

Please remember that the side effects occur in rare occasions and typically, the benefits of a ketogenic diet significantly outweigh the few negative possibilities.

Remember that while this works for many, it may not be the best option for you…and that is okay. Due to its mass amount of success, it is definitely worth a try.

So get ready to drop the carbs, and before long, your pants size will drop, too.

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