Vote Now for Your Student Government Officials

College of Staten Island Student Elections for Spring 2018

By: Victoria Ifatusin

With the construction that has been overwhelming the CSI campus, students may be wondering what officials are doing about it.

It has affected students who try hard to get on campus to attend classes. Some students even get to class late on behalf of the construction.

The power is now in the hands of the student body to vote for the officials who will dedicate their time to fix this recurring problem.  

The Spring 2018 Student Government voting takes place on campus from Tuesday, April 17, 2018 to Saturday, April 21, 2018. Candidates are urging students to listen to their manifestos and elect the person who is qualified for their vote.

The two teams–Good Looks and the Underground Elites–are going head to head to claim their seats in office.  

For Good Looks, running for SG President is Terry Kong, a Malaysian-Chinese American senior studying Economics and Finance.

The candidate was moved to “do something” himself after seeing no change from former administrations that were in government for four years.

“Each had their promises, none of them were fulfilled, each said this and that, and I’m just tired of it,” said Kong.

According to Kong, his decision to run for president wasn’t planned, but because of the “love” he has for the school, he made the bold move.

His leadership skills from his military career also moved him to run.

“I have so much experience in leadership that I could actually bring,” he said.

With Kong in office, he made the promise of fixing the infrastructure of the school, saying that “there needs to be a 24-hour maintenance, someone to survey the area.”

“Students are working hard enough for a degree and should not be going through the nonsense,” Kong said.

Alongside Kong is Aaisha Qaiser, a senior running for the Vice President seat.

The Marketing and Management student is a Pakistani-American who was motivated to run for the seat after acknowledging that Terry Kong was also running for the top seat.  

Qaiser is already a member of the Student Government as a senator and plans to “further my [Qaiser] services to CSI students more effectively as a Vice President.”

Other students that are running on this team are: Manpreet Kaur (Sophomore), Desiree Carona (Sophomore), Mannar Musleh (Sophomore), Kwan Ho (Sophomore), Akeem James (Junior), Brian Gandlin (Junior), Hatice Razi (Junior), Brendan Pirando (Junior), Kevin Saldararreaga (Junior), Kyle Huang (Junior), Tony Aye (Senior), Tarik Arabi (Senior), Maliha Mowla (Senior), Beren Sabuncu (Senior), Richard Valiente (Senior), Samantha Wong (Senior) and Mohamed Mahmoud (Graduate).

The Underground Elites’ Nardeen Soliman is the student running for the President seat from the team. She is an Egyptian senior student who moved to the United States five years ago.

She was moved to become the president to have “voices between students, faculty and professors” to be heard.

“I want to become the president to better enhance our campus,” said Soliman.

With her past experience in Student Government, Auxiliary Services, College Council, and other programs, she depicts herself as “well-rounded” with the resources the campus has to offer.

She promises to work on the available library hours, transportation on campus, and the protection of student activity fees.

Following Soliman is Marina Nashed, a sophomore hoping to get into the medical field. The Egyptian student was very involved with politics once she started school at CSI.

“I’ve seen a lot of things that are wrong on campus,” Nashed says, which includes the poor groundwork of roads, unfair treatment of students with professors and so on.

Before the student graduates as a junior, she vows to ensure communication between students and the Student Government.

“We are out there for the students and we are altogether trying to fix this school.”

Other students running with their President and Vice President are: Samson Balogun (Freshman), Michael Sorensen (Freshman) Alphonso Frazier (Sophomore), Mohammed Bhatti (Sophomore), Chermo Toure (Sophomore), Melissa Sipione (Sophomore), Samuel Mina (Sophomore), Sandra Mettry (Sophomore), Justin Batatucan (Junior), Gabrielle Brown (Junior), Daniel Kallini (Junior), Ellaesea Domingo (Junior), Joseph Mule (Junior), Elton Vojka (Junior), Christopher Sorensen (Senior), Nicholas Vitale (Senior), Batool Shirazi (Senior), Brandon Fridman (Senior), Tarik Arabi (Senior) and Lucia Rossi (Graduate).

Besides the two teams is one student who is running for President on his own.

Ernest Paige, a licensed social worker, has been giving handouts on campus to students that describe his own manifesto and what he plans to do for CSI.

“I believe we are in a crucial moment of understanding and combating political apathy, both on and off campus,” Paige said.

His mission is to obtain high standards in the methods of learning, teaching, research and scholarship. He embraces also the diversity seen on campus.

Paige has the vision of achieving success for the students of CSI through the curriculum, scholarships and other opportunities that are offered to the school.

“We must protect critical thinking, curiosity, and creative expression,” Paige said, as he explained the importance of a welcoming environment not only for current students, but future students, as well.

Voting results will be revealed by the end of April.

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