Commentary: Where is Melania?

First Lady Rather Quiet During Presidency

By: Lucia Elmi

Melania Trump looking somewhat troubled attending Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration last January. (Credit: Bet.com)

The old saying goes, “silence is the best medicine” but not always – especially as a public figure standing in the midst of a storm.

President Trump’s presidency continues to be unsteady as the stakes continue to rise. His questionable decision-making process is not making it easy for not only his professional life, but in his personal life as well.

Last month, allegations surfaced from several porn stars who claimed to have had an affair with the president-to-be during his marriage to Melania. They confess that Trump gave them large sums of hush money to keep the affairs he had with them a secret from Melania.

One of the porn stars, Stormy Daniels, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, took the world by surprise last month when they presented some incriminating evidence against Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, who aided Trump in the scandalous cover-up.

Avenatti is confident that they have more than enough evidence to convict Trump and his lawyer.

He said in a bold statement during a recent interview with Bill Maher, “I think we are going to get an opportunity to depose Michael Cohen and the president within the next 60 to 90 days and … I truly believe this is the Achilles’ heel of the president. He has trusted a moron with his innermost secrets.”

Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, has also filed a lawsuit against Trump. She says her affair with Trump lasted for about 10 months until she decided to call it off, due to the feelings of guilt she had knowing Trump was married.

In an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360”, she apologized for what she had done.

“What can you say except I’m sorry? I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want it done to me,” McDougal said. Nothing has been heard from Melania about her response to this apology.

This begs the question: what is her opinion on all this? She has yet to make a statement. But most importantly, how will her silence affect her role as First Lady?

The role of First Lady has always played an important role in American politics. Much like the President, the First Lady has a significant amount of power to shift the pieces on the political climate board almost as much as he does.

First ladies like Michelle Obama and the late Barbara Bush have used their power to make a positive influence in pressing social issues around the country.

However, Melania Trump has yet to make her mark.

It’s true that she has done a few charity events here and there, but nothing that has become her brand. She is largely a silent First Lady since she stepped into office with Trump.

Now that a number of allegations have surfaced about Trump’s mistreatment of women, his earliest being his leaked “grab em’ by the pussy” video, perhaps this is her time to step up.

What we are seeing with Trump’s mistreatment of women isn’t anything new; he’s just one of many influential men in history that have used their power to oppress others, including women.

Unfortunately, we must consider that perhaps Melania’s silence is only enabling the oppression women have been struggle against for generations.

Being First Lady, the number of times she has been disrespected by her own husband is almost incomprehensible, at least in terms of what we have seen from past first ladies.

What message does this send to young girls and women?  

Perhaps this is the fuel Melania can use this as leverage to build her brand as an active supporter of women’s rights, an undeniable problem even in today’s culture.

Melania, we’re counting on you to do the right thing. This isn’t about having a pity party for you.


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