Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The New York Renaissance Faire is Now Open!

The New York Renaissance Faire Will Take You Back to the Middle Ages

The Queen has arrived at the New York Renaissance Faire. Photo Credit:

By: Brooke Price 

Huzzah! The New York Renaissance Faire is now open! The faire is entering its 41st year and keeps its attendees occupied by offering various food samples, shopping in the marketplace, and entertaining performances.

Attendees can enjoy a wide array of performances at the faire.

The Washing Well Wenches are a hilarious comedy duo that wash laundry and get the audience involved. They splash their wet clothes onto the audience while doing laundry, and even drink the audiences’ drinks.

Acrobatrix is a show about the acrobatic duo Stahr and Thunder. Stahr is a contortionist and Thunder is an acrobat; together, they perform flips and other amazing tricks.

Stewart & Arnold Knife Throwing is a father son knife-throwing duo that performs different stunts. They even try some on the audience members.

Aaron Bonk – Fire Whips & Swords is a show in which Aaron Bonk juggles fiery whips, knives, and swords to amaze the audience and get their adrenaline pumping.

Hey Nunnie Nunnie! stars two nuns who joke about Catholicism and life in the nunnery.

The faire even has a joust where knights fight each other with lances, swords, and other weapons on horseback. The last knight standing is crowned the winner.

The New York Renaissance Faire has various characters that you may encounter, such as faeries, Queen Elizabeth, pirates, and even Robin Hood! Attendees can join the traditional maypole dance with these characters, and children can be knighted by the Queen.

While enjoying the faire, patrons are encouraged to try different foods from the Renaissance era such as turkey legs. Other unique foods include a giant pickle that is sold from the barrel, the BBQ sundae, and sausage on a stick.

Numerous old fashioned rides are set up at the faire to add to the experience. These rides aren’t mechanical or on a track like regular amusement park rides.

Instead, workers dressed in Renaissance era attire push you around on the ride. These rides include a buccaneer painted and shaped like a dragon, as well as a spinning ride that the workers need to wind up so it can spin around.

Instead of horses, you can ride camels at the faire, which is a unique experience. Paddle boats are fun to ride through the lake- you might just spy a sea monster in the distance.

To keep with the medieval theme, the faire has axe, star, and knife throwing games in which attendees can try and win a prize.  

While you’re strolling through the streets of the faire, you can browse through the different items vendors are selling. These products range from costume rentals and old fashioned toys to candles and soaps.

You can even watch glass blowing demonstrations from the vendors at the faire. Faerie wings and flower crowns are another fashionable fad.

Many items sold at the marketplace are handmade, making every item unique in its own way.

Although it is a Renaissance Faire, credit cards and cash are accepted. They also have ATMs at the faire for patrons’ convenience.

The New York Renaissance Faire started in 1977 and is located at 600 Route 17A in Tuxedo, New York.

To make things more interesting, the faire has themed weekends. These include Heroes and Villains Weekend, Time Travellers’ Weekend, Pirate Weekend, Romance Weekend, Masquerade Weekend, and Celtic weekend.

Attendees can participate in costume contests and compete for first place.

There are plenty of different shows and activities to do while at the faire. Willing to try something new? They might have it!

The faire is sure to keep you entertained for a day or even a weekend. The New York Renaissance Faire is located by many hotels such as Homewood Suites by Hilton if attendees want to go to the faire for the weekend.

The New York Renaissance Faire runs from August 4th to September 30th on the weekends, so get your tickets now!  

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