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Stephen King’s Newest Novel is a Guaranteed Fright

The Outsider is a chilling novel perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. Photo Credit:

By: Mark Deutsch 

King’s latest book, The Outsider, published on May 22, 2018, contains his usual masterful prowess. The plot takes unsuspected twists as the readers turn the pages. It will have readers puzzling over what type of monster is stalking the pages of the book.

The story begins with the discovery of a boy’s corpse in the woods. It is in such a depraved condition that even seasoned police officers would shiver in horror.

The police’s search to catch the killer ends quickly, as the man in question is an upstanding citizen, and several eyewitnesses claim to have seen the man with the victim before the murder.

Police decide to snatch the suspect in a rash arrest at a football game that he is coaching.

The public arrest shames the supposed killer in front of the entire town, causing the suspect and his family to earn enmity from everyone they know.

The police think that they have enough evidence to send the suspect to prison, being that the suspect’s blood and DNA are found at the scene.

But what happens when the suspect has an ironclad alibi and witnesses to prove that he wasn’t in town? How can a man be in two places at once?

The story has enough bends and turns to leave the reader questioning whether the suspect actually did the crime. The book, at first, takes on a realistic tone, with no hints that anything supernatural is happening.

The protagonists in this story are likable and easy to understand in their quest to uncover the truth amidst contradicting facts in the case. King even brings back a character from another work of his, who helps the protagonists solve what’s going on later in the book

The story seems to have recycled a couple of ideas from some of King’s earlier books, creating something new by combining them.

The theory is that both It and The Dark Half share similar traits and abilities, although if this was truly King’s intention is a mystery of its own.

The concept for the monster that appears in the book has an appetite that is similar to the monster from It in that they both feast on despair and torture.

In most of King’s books that feature monsters, they share the need to feed on physical or mental agony.

The similarities don’t end there. Even more ideas were borrowed from other books that have been conceived by King.

The other idea that seems to have been borrowed and then taken in a similar direction comes from The Dark Half, a book that involves the rebirth of the protagonist’s twin.

The twin commits murders and leaves behind evidence that shares the same fingerprints and DNA as his better half.

Even more similarities can be found in other books that King has written, but The Outsider still stands as a unique book with a great story to tell and frighten people into sleeping with their lights on.

There is more to The Outsider than the cover and the vague book jacket blurb. A mess of confusion awaits the characters in the book.

Even to seasoned King readers, this book is a puzzle like never before.

When there’s nothing left but the impossible, believe in the inexplicable, since that’s all that is left.

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