Get to Know CSI’s New Women’s Soccer Coach

Women’s Soccer is Bound to “Have A Day”

Brittany Casares (middle) after her debut match at Drew University. Photo Credit: Alfredo Angulo

By: Natalia Sandor

The “Dirty Jerz” has brought a few good things into the lives of the students here at CSI, everyone loves Jose Tejas and Top Golf. But now, Rahway, New Jersey has outdone itself and brought the college Ms. Brittany Casares.

In April 2018, the full-time position of Women’s Soccer Head Coach and Campus Equipment Manager was awarded to Brittany Casares after an extensive hiring process.

“Now that I am here I finally found my purpose”, says Casares. These are big words and she had even bigger duties to fulfill but Casares continues to bring high energy and authenticity to her new roles on campus.

Casares has acquired a wealth of information about the game of soccer through her career at Montclair State University, where she took part in a team that claimed a New Jersey Athletic Conference title and appeared in the second round of the 2012 NCAA tournament.

It was at Montclair where Casares received the Women’s Soccer Player’s Player Award in 2010-11. Her time as a midfielder brought her both a true understanding of possession soccer as well as a James J. Poet Sportsmanship Award during her senior season.

As a natural leader, Casares found herself wanting to pursue a career as a teacher and fortunate enough to land a teaching position upon graduation.

Claiming the title of Head Varsity Coach at the Mother Seton Regional High School Girls Soccer as well as obtaining a teaching opportunity, Casares was able to find her true passion for the game of soccer and further understand her greater need to focus solely on coaching.

With her drive to always be better and by putting her mentality to always “play the next play” to use, Casares began her first job coaching at the collegiate level heading up the Women’s Soccer Team at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, NJ. 

Raritan was the final stepping stone for Casares on her journey to the shared-office space in 1R that she has always dreamt of. She explains her enthusiasm as she states, “I don’t think that everyone knows how big of a deal this is for me, I feel like I got the big time job here”.

Casares spends most days in the issue room handling all things apparel until she laces up for afternoon practice. “This is everything to me”, she says as she stacks her fridge with chocolate milk so that her players stay properly hydrated.

Speaking of proper hydration, after her first official win on the turf here at CSI, Casares was treated with an old fashion “Gatorade shower” and although it was water, it was quite the sight to be seen.

“I want to take this program to another level”, says Casares and every coaching course that she has taken, every certification that she has obtained has given her the confidence to truly believe that her coaching abilities will make that happen.

Senior captain Catherine Mulligan states, “Coach Brittany has helped us tremendously with mentality… she always says things like ‘have a day’ or ‘get after it’. This is the kind of positive push that we need to make us stronger players”.

Mulligan also speaks toward Casares ability to create a family dynamic between the team as she explains, “I have a close relationship with coach, it is super easy to talk to her because she talks a lot.”

Casares positive chatter has clearly resonated with the team as they have for the first time in CSI history, defeated Ramapo College with a final score of 2-0.

The Women’s Soccer team is currently 5-2 with hopes of continuing their five game win streak. With the direction of Casares, this team is bound to “have a day” and most likely a good one.  

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