Open Conversation From the College Council

Insight Into CSI’s 2018-2019 Planning 

By: Mohamed Mahmoud

In the wake of recent CSI robberies, the college council met to discuss campus training for emergency situations, the budget cuts, and this year’s new strategic plan.

In order to discuss future of our college, the student council senate used their voices to find out the upcoming plans that students can anticipate this year.

One issue in particular raised over the past couple of months regarded the outcries for campus training for emergency situations, especially evacuation situations.

During the beginning of this year in January, there was a workshop on the command post.

Such attendees included NYPD, FDNY, NYC Emergency Management, and members from the CSI staff, and CSI Public Safety.

This workshop discussed what to do during emergency situations. Ultimately, the campus seems to be updating and practicing methods to be prepared for various types of emergencies.

Onto the topic of money, new budget forms have been introduced last year and during this meeting, it was made public that strides have been made in order to modify it.

Various issues such as budget cuts, a dip of enrollment, an increase in minimum wage were also discussed. It was stated there will be a $941,000 year end deficit.

Within the second quarter of this proposal, the shortage of the budget was announced, which may put The College of Staten Island in a hole by approximately $90,000.

In order to improve this deficit and budget, the college plans on observing the adjunct and temp services budgets for efficiencies.

Assistance of the Budget Committee was very useful because they were able to articulate the CUNY various costs unique to CSI.

These costs within CSI’s various departments include the billing within the buildings of CSI, the energy consumption use, and the costs accumulated by the St. George campus.

With this in mind, CUNY has endorsed these indulgences within CSI- which will allow CSI to increase its budget.

Moreover, NY State has accepted and stated an increase for funding on TAP, and an increase of Excelsior Scholarship, resulting with a family income limit up to $110,000.

This budget adjustment has not ended and they will continue to lobby for conservation of budget.

New workshops and meetings will be implemented in order to help improve fiscal responsibility, such as Institutional Planning Community (IPC) that was implemented last April, a community that discusses CSI’s future budget.

Attending this meeting was the student senate, which is comprised of Nardeen Soliman, Mohammad Bhatti, Alphonso Frazier, Brandon Fridman, Kwan Ho, Mohamed Mahmoud, Beren “Crimson” Sabuncu, and Samantha Wong.

In addition to the student senate, administrators, members of the HEO Steering Committee and the members of the faculty senate were all present to discuss strategic planning.

Major highlights within the event include the implementation of our new Strategic Plan and its strategic priorities, the approval of our Periodic Review Report, and CSI’s re-accreditation by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

After the meeting’s conclusion, figures of CSI met with the attendees, such as chairman of each major of their respective department, and even the President himself, William J. Fritz.

When asked if the college council was actually needed, President Fritz’s response was: “Every member of the college committee plays a vital role in these meetings…Everyone starts somewhere and there’s no place better than to be part of this committee.”

Another thing Fritz pointed out about this meeting was, “Though it is true that these meetings aren’t always as eventful every meeting, just being part of these meetings gives us a better understanding on how the the system works. It could also be a great way to make connections. If you don’t know where to start or have more questions, go read the bylaws of the college committee, or talk with a professor like Jonathan Peterson.”

On the other hand, Professor Ralf Peetz-a former chemistry teacher and now a faculty member of the college council, pointed out is that, “…it’s not enough just to observe but to listen. You need to understand what you want, but the most important thing is to understand what the people want.”

A lot of things happened during the college council meeting; new ideas were suggested, new people were voted in, and a step forward has been made in order to improve the works of CSI.

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