The Future of Storytelling Invites Students of CSI To Volunteer

The Extravagant Event Takes Place at Snug Harbor

By: Victoria Ifatusin 

A guest testing the Virtual Reality headset on an exhibition at The Future of Storytelling summit. Photo Credit: Victoria Ifatusin

Thousands of creators from all over the world came to Staten Island to attend the Future of Storytelling, including CSI’s very own students assisting the event as volunteers.

The Future of Storytelling is a summit that takes place every year, and for the past few years, the event has been taking place at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island. 

This event allows CSI students who are interested in media, communications, and technology to discover a world of innovative storytelling, and even network with the speakers and workshop leaders.

The two-day event included content makers, influencers, and distinguished guests from companies all over the world to meet in one place to view exhibits and ideas that combine programming and storytelling.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft, along with up-and-coming companies such as Glow, Fraser’s Edge, Titmouse, presented their exhibitions that portrayed how the different elements of narration can intertwine with the advancement of technology.

Andrew Peters, the Executive Creative Director of The Brand Experience, provided a workshop showing guests and onlookers about how to tell a good story in any physical surrounding by using the life story of such guest as the outline.

One of the highly anticipated workshops was held by Darren Aronofsky, the director of Noah, Black Swan, and Pi. He discussed the need for creative storytellers to create work that reflects the politics of our world today.

Founder and CEO of Sub Rosa, Michael Ventura, provided a mini-seminar about the exercise of the empathy muscles, and how one can connect better with themselves and others in their environment by exercising such muscles.

Thomas Small and Sarah Steele, both who work on the Virtual Reality team at Google, exhibited a tools and resources needed to produce VR180 videos with the use of VR.

Titmouse’s, Antonio Canobbio and Chris Prynoski, exhibited a new outlook on animation when it comes to the creating and designing of characters. They showed the importance of characters in any animation, and how they can be portrayed in animations on a different outlook.

Many more fascinating exhibits took place over the two days, along with the appearance of some distinguished guests such as Sera Gamble, Jake Barton, Laura R. Walker and many more.

Performances also took place after the exhibits, such as the musical performance of Little Cinema and the iPad Magician, Simon Pierro.

These performances ended a long day of running around with exciting music, hilarious comedy, and interactive performances.

Besides the exhibits and guests from all around the world, students from CSI were invited to participate at the event, taking on various roles as volunteers.

Volunteers from various backgrounds that attend CSI, such as Lauren Silverman and Veronica Pistek, and Vincent Villani accepted the invitation, as there have been past experiences of volunteers from CSI at older summits.

This year also was the first time FoST made use of a Documentation Team.

This team was comprised of photographers and videographers who would record the happenings of the event – specifically made up of volunteers from CSI.

This year’s Documentation Team led by Karolina Manko included Michael Di Bartolo (photographer), Liam Gilbride (videographer), Nick Graffeo (videographer), Christian Hansen (videographer), Victoria Ifatusin (photographer) and Amanda Martinez (photographer).

The team also included other photographers and videographers from other organizations. Ultimately, this event provided the volunteering students with experience in their potential career choice, as well as introduced the opportunity to network from professionals.

After the conclusion of the several-day event, the volunteers expressed much gratitude and joy about participating in FoST-already anticipating to help out again next year.

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