Bill Cosby is Experiencing a Public Lynching

What Does Cosby’s Case Say About the Consciousness of America?

By: Ubong Ekpo

(Credit: Vox.com)

The #MeToo movement has brought to light the many sexual assaults that women have been victim to by Hollywood’s elite for decades.

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case was in the makings well before the rise of the #MeToo movement, yet his conviction is being heralded as the first victory for the movement.

When assessing the Cosby case, one should keep in mind the history of the United States regarding white women making accusations against black men.

During the Jim Crow era, it was common for false accusations of rape or sexual misconduct to be made towards black men. These false accusations would lead to death, which was usually by a public lynching

To me, the #MeToo movement is putting everyone a step back.

This witch hunt style of making accusations, which aren’t being properly vetted is dangerous; people’s lives and reputations are at stake. From what I see, the #MeToo movement doesn’t really want change. It is another media contrived agenda.

It’s easy for celebrities to come out and name accusers and parade a cause, but what about the everyday woman? Not everyone has the support of Hollywood to defend them? Not everyone can afford to speak out and go back to their mansions the next day.

I don’t see any of the women who have come out reveal a real plan or course of action besides lobbying accusations. One question I would like to put out is why haven’t men like Harvey Weinstein been prosecuted?

Our current President Donald Trump has had several women come out and accuse him of sexual assault. These accusations occurred while he was running for office, and what were the repercussions for him? He was still elected as the President of the United States.

Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh just a few weeks ago had a hearing due to the allegations of sexual assault stemming from his college days. Now Kavanaugh’s case has all the same characteristics of the recent slew of accusations towards men in power, yet I don’t see the same outrage towards him.

Yes, there are people who are upset and are actively trying to ensure he is held accountable, but those people are few. In all likelihood, Kavanaugh will still be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

What does this show? It shows white men in America get rewarded for their degenerate actions.

Through my observations, America has shown to have a very serious judgement problem, especially regarding black people. It’s well documented that black people receive harsher prison sentences than their white counterparts for the same offenses.

One glaring thing to me was the actions of Lisa Bloom. Lisa Bloom, an attorney who has paraded herself as a champion of women who have been assaulted, decided to be Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer.

The fact that Bloom was able and willing to defend such a man, despite the heinous accusations towards him, reflects the general consciousness and bigotry of her and America as a whole.

Her choosing to be on his council is a direct slap in the face to all the women who have been victims of not only Weinstein, but all men who used their powerful positions to impose their sexual perversions.

Due to public backlash, Bloom stepped down from Weinstein’s council, but to me, she already exposed herself and showed where her mindset is. It shows me that in America, you can still get a benefit of the doubt as long as you are a white man.

All I want is for the justice system to be consistent. If Bill Cosby can be railroaded with accusations from decades ago and convicted, I want that same energy put into all the men who have been accused of sexual assault by the #MeToo movement. Instead, what we see is white men being handled with child safety gloves, while Bill Cosby is having the whole book thrown at him.

It may not be clear to everyone else, but it seems certainly clear to me that there is an agenda against black men. Of the multitude of men that have been accused, only Cosby has been tried and convicted.

None of the white men accused have received any type of impunity, besides ruined reputations.

The agenda is to make black men the face of the #MeToo movement. Bill Cosby will forever by synonymous with rape and known as the first “victory.”

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  1. I take exception to the theories in this piece. Yes, Bill Cosby is black, but he is also a famous black person with a lot of money – he paid for the best defense too. He was tried twice, not once – because the journey could not come to a conclusion the first time. That is hardly the treatment of your run of the mill black man on trial. Then, let’s take the accusations – unlike Brett Kavanaugh, Cosby was not accused of trying to sexually assault a woman whom he drugged and then took advantage of. Bad enough as it is, he was 17 and the so was the woman at the time, and they were allegedly drunk kids at a party. Again, Cosby is in jail now for drugging people and then having sex with their less-than-conscious bodies. That is way different than Harvey Weinstein who is accused of forcing fully aware and able women to trade sexual favors for movie roles or a chance at a career. Also, bad enough as it is, it was all with women who had their faculties about them, but then they made bad choices, felt they had no choice if they wanted to work in showbiz. Had that been what Cosby did, he would also be out on bail waiting for his trial to conclude as well. Let’s also be clear – Harvey Weinstein has not been prosecuted because his trial has not yet occurred. He was arrested and charged, and indicted on six counts, and is now awaiting trial to begin in December 2018.
    Let’s compare, Cosby was arrested on December 29, 2015, and was arraigned and released on $1M bail. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2015/12/30/bill-cosby-charged-2004-pa-sexual-assault/78069794/ Harvey Weinstein was arrested May 25, 2018, and was released on $1M bail. Cosby’s first trial began June 5, 2017 – that is one and a half years after his arrest. So far it’s been only six months since Weinstein’s arrest and court proceedings have begun. So still, no preferential treatment. Cosby’s second trial began April 2, 2018. That is nearly 2.5 years since his arrest, and he was out on bail the whole time.
    Anyone who says that Cosby was treated as he was because he is black is just not looking at the facts. Cosby was America’s dad, and he has deep pockets – people loved him, and that was what was disappointing. Money is major difference between Cosby and other black and white people from poor sectors who need the best legal care.
    Drugging someone and having sex with them while drugged is not the same crime as transactional sex – which is abusive and reprehensible in its own right, but is it a crime? Harvey was always hated, but people also saw the women as being complicit – trying to get a job. When the accusations came out, people were NOT shocked. Cosby shocked people.

    Harvey’s actions will also see a courtroom, so don’t worry. After two trials and 28 months freedom on bail, then you can more accurately compare Weinstein to Cosby, and if Harvey walks free, it is not because he is white, it is because the prosecutor could not sell the evidence to the jury.

    • William, you got ahead of yourself midway through Paragraph One. You should be asking yourself WHY Cosby was tried. You don’t know WHY he went to trial, and neither does anyone reading this. When presented with the reasons why Cosby’s trial could not LEGALLY go forward (the no-brainer being that the case had already been settled out of court), Judge O’Neill “deliberated” on the legalities overnight, then came back and said, “This trial is going forward.” When asked WHY, he answered, “I don’t have to give my reasons.” No media comment on that.

      You say Cosby is in prison for “drugging people and then having sex with their less-than-conscious bodies.” But when and where was it proven that he did any such thing? Are you one of the majority of Americans who believe he admitted to drugging and raping in the infamous deposition? The media went to extremes to plant a lie in your head regarding what he said and did not say. Read through the deposition, and you will see that the public was duped. There’s virtually nothing there to support the assertion that Cosby’s a rapist.

      All that was proven is court is that Andrea Constand lies just like a sociopath. She doesn’t tell the kind of lies that people tell when the police trip them up. She tells the kind of calculated, damning lies that can get an innocent man put in prison for 30 years. A rape expert testified at the trial that “lying is a consequence of rape.” I won’t even address that, except to point out that the media didn’t address it, and you should ask yourself why not.

      When Cosby’s team got hold last week of the missing portion of the taped conversation between Cosby and Andrea’s mother, these things were proven: 1. She was after money and up front about it. 2. When Cosby asked her directly if she thought he’d raped her daughter, she didn’t answer yes or no – instead she talked about her fear of growing old on a small income. So what was the media’s take on all this? “Cosby’s up to his old tricks again,” they said. I found ONE story only that filled me on what had been deleted from the tape the jury heard. The media doesn’t want the public to know anything that works against the BS scenario they’ve sold us on.

      I don’t know if the attack on Cosby occurred because he was black or if it occurred because he stepped on someone’s cat. The point is that it shouldn’t have occurred. I don’t know if there was a conspiracy against Cosby at the start, but I do know that once the ball got rolling, what the media engaged in was conspiracy to keep the truth from you. I know this because I witnessed it.

      We need a more vigilant public. We need to protect people like you from being lied to by a media that has zero credibility where Cosby is concerned. For some reason you think that Cosby’s being put through a second trial, when the first one failed to put him behind bars, constitutes fairness above and beyond what was called for. Had it taken five trials to get a guilty verdict, would that have been five times more fair? You have to go back to Square One and ask why any trial took place. If you can work your way from there to a valid point regarding Kavanaugh, I’d like to read that.

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