Beauty Hacks 101: DIY Moisturizing Masks

Brighten Up Your Under Eye with Some Affordable Beauty Hacks

By: Leah Oliver

There are many natural and easy ways to look and feel beautiful. (Credit:

Who wants to spend $200 on face peels and eye creams? Buying beauty products, especially ones for skin care, can rack up in cost.

The best option is to make it yourself and save money. Late nights writing papers and studying for tests can cause bags under the eye.

No need to be ashamed, we all get dark spots. A good and quick fix is to use turmeric and buttermilk.

The best way to make the mixture is to add the turmeric to buttermilk. This type of milk tends to be thicker than most.

After, the mixture will turn porous, also it should not be too viscous. Once completed, you can store the mask in the fridge for future use.

It is recommended only preserving the mixture for 5 days. Applying under the eye especially when dry, moisture may create a tingling or stinging sensation depending on skin type.

Being that turmeric is a spice you may feel a bit of mild spiciness under the eye. If there is intense burning remove the mask quickly.

Turmeric and lemon juice are another option as an applicant mixture. Turmeric can also be used for dark spots from blemishes.

These two masks can be left on for 10-15 minutes then rinse. Aloe vera and carrot blended together with one egg white is also great for dark spots and moisture formed under the eye.

It is suggested to use natural aloe vera since pure gel leads to better and faster results than a gel that is not completely fresh.

Exact measurements: one teaspoon of aloe vera and one tablespoon of shredded carrot.

The mixture should be frothy upon applying. This mask can be left under the eyes for 15-30 minutes; can be refrigerated for further use no more than 5 days.

The eye mask should be rinsed off with cool or lukewarm water; though cool water is better.

My go-to face mask is the banana and honey mask. This is great for oily skin or simply for a shine free T-zone. Two tablespoons of honey and one ripe banana mixed thoroughly will do the trick.

The mask hydrates the skin while reducing shine from oil. Cucumber blended with aloe vera is also great for hydrating dry skin.

A half of a cucumber cut into slices and two tablespoons of aloe vera is sufficient. A smooth blend of this is best suitable for face application.

Make your way to the produce section to get your skin right and age-free for the winter.

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