Venom: What and Who is He?

The Supervillain Has Been Around For Many Years, But Do People Know About His History?

By: Mark Deutsch

Venom’s appearance includes a black and white bodysuit with his signature pointy teeth and long tongue. (Credit:

The long awaited movie about a villain called Venom, who hails from the comic book giant Marvel, has debuted on the big screen

To start off with the basics, what are Venom’s powers in general aside from the powers of its current host?

They are super strength, speed, durability and enhanced healing. His shapeshifting is on another level, from producing webs like Spiderman and shapeshifting, the one major weakness is high pitched or loud sounds, like the sonic spears in “ Black Panther”.

What most people who discover Venom know is that the symbiote has gone through multiple hosts and yes, Venom isn’t exactly a person but a symbiote.

The Venom symbiote has been worn by many people, the two most important being Eddie Brock and Spiderman. These two are the most important because Spiderman found the suit when it plopped out of a strange machine onto his head and the symbiote met Brock after Spiderman.

The definition of a parasite that has developed a symbiotic relationship with its host is called a symbiote.

Over the years, the Venom symbiote has given its various hosts amazing powers or enhanced pre existing abilities and has even been affected by the personalities of the person that it resides in.

This affects the next host it inhabits since an evil alien that previously used the host before Spiderman caused the web slinger to mentally wrestle with the urge to kill and discard the symbiote.

The symbiote considered Spiderman to be the ideal host but had been discarded and couldn’t fight the friendly neighborhood hero for control over his body.

The main person who would define Venom as a villain would be Edward “ Eddie” Brock.

Eddie was a journalist who wrote an article that would’ve jettisoned himself into stardom. It was about a suspect who was a serial killer, until the wall crawler found the real killer and cleansed the name of the innocent man who was arrested.

For Eddie Brock, things turned from bad to rotten since his life fell apart and he lost everything.

Eddie blamed Spiderman and when the symbiote made contact with him, they bonded over their hatred for the Spiderman.

What wasn’t mentioned in the paragraph about the symbiotic relationship is a question that most of those with biology majors are asking.

“What does the Venom parasite gain from bonding with a host?”

Well, the answer appears to be that it feasts on either brain matter or adrenaline.

This means that the symbiote can feed on the current host that it inhabits or hunt for prey to satiate the hunger.

Back on the symbiote home planet, the usual course of action was to permanently bond with a smaller host to survive in a symbiotic relationship. But as the years passed, the symbiotes became true parasites by feeding and killing the host they inhabit.

Since the Venom symbiote wanted to forge a permanent bond with a host, it was exiled for good and eventually made its way to Peter Parker after bonding to Deadpool at the end of Secret Wars.

This explains why the symbiote went a bit crazy with Brock, since a genocidal crazy symbiote plus an angry man is a recipe for disaster.

Venom is a unique character who has his fair share of time in the comics. Venom has debuted in “ Spiderman 3” and now has a movie of his own to star in, without Spiderman.

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