Appreciating the Art of the Spoken Word

How CSI’s Open Mic Events Inspire Creativity

By: Philip Sanzone

Admission to CSI’s Open Mic events are free for all students. Photo Credit:

Attending CSI’s Open Mic is an experience that opens people’s eyes and hearts.

It was interesting to hear people with similar views even though each of them had their own unique background.

Also, hearing the head of the English department’s poem was intriguing as well as a purposely funny performance.

It was enthralling to also have the pleasure of reading aloud my own personal poem. It was daunting knowing I was going to be judged by people, but it also put me at ease knowing it was something that I really cared about showing to the world.

To be able to envelope myself around talented and inspiring individuals felt inspiring and was very mystical. For those that are English majors, attending events like these can help improve written and literary skills.

Writing on the spot based on just how you feel can help with free thinking. Open Mic expressed these feelings very well.

Being able to come up with poems on the spot shows the verticality of them and how they are based on immediate emotions. Experiencing this first hand was glorifying.

Poems aren’t for everyone, but they can help a lot in a therapeutic sense. It is almost like exposing one’s true feelings visually to fully comprehend its meaning. Standing up and reading something that is a part of you aloud can impact the way you view your own poem.

There were a lot of poems that also expressed people’s disabilities and shortcomings; it tells how they can grow and break through their limitations.

The event was very successful. The poems people wrote had splendid visuals and beautiful words.

Many other great poets performed their works at the event; even English department staff members. For instance, Rachel Sanchez, a professor of the English department, read one of her poems.

A poem that is short and impactful makes it reverberate one’s internal thoughts and helps to feed expression onto the paper.

Towards the end, the professors helped students develop their writing in poetry by sharing insights in various writing techniques. Hearing beautifully worded poems can serve as a reflection for someone in the audience.

Giving insight into another’s life can help with the understanding of others. When writing a poem things will either flow or you’ll be staring at a blank piece of paper.

When hearing experiences from others, it can give you the inspiration to search inside yourself and reflect on past events in a way that will provide you with a more unique interpretation of it. Interpretation of poems is very important, as well as when feeling around the words of a poem, as it will help you to see what the writer see.

Many interpretations can form in wildly different ways to what the author originally planned for the poem’s meaning. It isn’t considered a bad thing, but it helps poems to transcend time and modern significance.

The professors at Open Mic also encouraged young poets to write more and implored them to read and share their writing with others. It was a mind-expanding event, being able to stand up and read poems in front of a group of people.

There is always meaning to what a poem is saying; each poem has its credibility. None should be looked at as uninteresting or fruitless.

Going to any event doesn’t have to be about liking poetry, it can lead to meeting new people and learning valuable life lessons.

Don’t fall into the habit of feeling too uncomfortable to go out to follow a new and exciting path.

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