Making the Perfect Place for Your Gaming Needs

Create the Perfect Space for Any Game Counsel

By: Mark Deutsch

The ideal gamer environment. (Credit:

Every gamer has a unique style when it comes to playing and using a console, computer or even mobile devices. Not only that, but for the fledgling gamers that have just acquired their first game, it takes little time to create a comfy gamer nest.

Here are the many ways in which a person can go about constructing an environment suited for virtually everyone’s means.

First off, let’s clarify what the difference is between mobile games, since there is something distinct between them. Mobile games on the phone and 3DS have something that generally separates them.

Starting off with the most unique out of all three categories that has been mentioned, and is an item that is new by tech standards, is the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch combines two categories of the console and Nintendo’s specialty of creating mobile devices. The Switch can link to a T.V. while using the normal controllers and is portable, making it a versatile gaming machine.

Generally, something this portable is meant to be played anywhere and is meant to be used like the Nintendos before it- meaning that anywhere is suitable for it. The other feature of it is that it can be used like a normal game console.

Like the Wii console, a large space is recommended for multiplayer games, plus a comfy place with snacks within reach.

Now, onto the two console games that dominate the game market—why even bothering with their names since they are the staple of the video game industry? That’s right—they are the Xbox and PS4 consoles, of which most serious games are made to accommodate besides for gaming computers.

Both are similar in that they are easier to use than gaming computers, yet both consoles and gaming computers share most of the same games, although all three have exclusives that appeal to newcomers.

Next, we will move onto the type of environment that would best accommodate gamers. The best furniture in any situation for a console would be a room that comes with a television,a couch, and a short distance away from a kitchen.

Since many gamers will have friends over to play in multiplayer and not just online, a couch would easily hold three to five people depending on the house.

Next are mobile games that can be played on a smartphone, which contains an enormous repository of games, enough to almost equal console and PC games.

While games are known to be addictive on both mobile and PC devices, the question of which is more addictive was brought to Philip, an avid gamer.

He said, “In short, the level of addictiveness depends on the person and the type of genres they like.”
Since mobile games can be played anywhere as seen in the case of the Switch, there are only a few more ways to create a temporary but comfortable game nest. The major problems that some games have the need for WiFi or at least a cellular connection in order to play.

For games that don’t require moving around, you should stay within the confines of a secure WiFi connection, especially for games like Pokemon Go.

For the battery drainage that results after playing for a long time, a battery case will help since outlets aren’t always at hand.

Lastly, one of the best counsels are gaming computers, which have been referred to since the start. Computers were the start of serious gaming.

Some games do require a computer to play, such as League of Legends and Warcraft, because of the vast multiplayer features.

Abundant snacks and a bathroom close at hand are what’s required for a comforting playing experience. A gaming chair equipped with a massage function and surround sound speakers installed is the ultimate cherry on top.

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