Not-So-Obvious Tips for Staying Warm This Winter Season

Clever Ways to Keep Yourself Warm

By: Mark Deutsch


As everyone knows, when winter time turns our side of the world into a freezer, people need to stay warm when venturing outside.

There are many ways to accomplish keeping yourself warm and toasty, from long distance treks that a person may have to travel, or for a short walk with a pet.

There are multiple tips and tricks that a person can utilize, but for now let’s start from the head down.

Many people use a scarf and a hat to keep themselves warm. It’s not a bad way of keeping your head warm, but there are alternatives. One way is something that takes some getting used too: by getting conditioned to the cold temperatures and getting used to it.

The other way that is effective is to wear a balaclava. It is a full-face mask that may seem flimsy, but it is surprisingly good at keeping a person warm.

For keeping the chest and arms warm, there are some obvious means of keeping warm, such as wearing a winter coat when going outside.

Depending on how cold outside temperatures are, such as in the twenties or lower, some added necessities may be needed in order to keep warm. Wearing extra layers such as a sweater underneath or some thermal underwear will help when the temperatures plunge into the negatives.

When it comes down to New York, you will need a pair of gloves. The best type of gloves would have to be at least waterproof since it’s been raining a lot lately.

When wearing a pair of gloves when it’s freezing enough, the palms may stay warm but your fingers are freezing. There is a solution to this. Keeping one pack of hand warmers tucked into each glove will provide perhaps too much heat depending on the climate.

Now, for the legs, which don’t need to be clad in special pants until old man winter strides in. For snow storms or any cold temperatures, what is recommended would be thermal underwear underneath your pants. For harsh weather, sweatpants or waterproof snow pants are fine.

Boots are something that even idiots know that they need for winter, but there are some finer points that could be made.

First off, there are boots that go below the knee, which are good for traveling through snow storms and muddy puddles formed from said snow storms. When it comes to purchasing boots, spare no expense: don’t purchase the most expensive pair but get a pair of well-made boots that will last.

For other ways to stay warm that doesn’t require cladding oneself in a winter wardrobe, there are ways in which the body itself can do it.

For example, drinking enough alcohol will make a person feel warm, but it should be consumed in small amounts. While drinking, make sure that water is handy for hydration.

There are other things to be consumed that will have a desired effect on making the body feel warm. Eating lots of calories will help the body keep warm, although this doesn’t mean that a person should pig out every winter day.

What happens is that by consuming said calories, blood sugar goes up and helps to generate heat in the process.

In short, there are many ways in order to stay warm, from wearing warm clothes and even from the body itself. While this should not be considered as a viable option to stay warm, alcohol does have its uses only if a person keeps their wits.

Winter is a fierce monster that can’t be defeated, so you must endure it.

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