Out of Class, But Still On Campus

Hidden Gem Events That Students Should Attend This Semester

By: Salvatore Cento

The Spring Carnival is one of these functions that is sure to please. (Credit:

CAB Films. Open Mic Nights. Ace The Interview.

There’s nothing wrong with watching “A Star Is Born”, “Venom” and “A Simple Favor” a hundred times. Maybe you really like those movies.

Going to the same venue to safely say whatever’s on your mind might open doors for making new friends.

Learning and perfecting techniques to get your foot in the door of a job you’ve always wanted? Perfect for the career seekers, but that seems to be all there is when you look at CSI’s events calendar on the college’s website.

Only after you do a little digging and push to the side the usual givings, do you find what the college really has to offer.

New Experiences. Variety. A breath of fresh air.

First off, since we are in February which is Black History Month, CSI offers over ten different events celebrating the thorough and prolific customs of black communities including readings from well known authors, highlighting artistic works, bringing in live music, and having celebrities talk about their upbringing.

Not only that, but students have the opportunity to learn a form of brazilian martial arts called Capoeira.

Not only do we have a whole month’s worth of activities already but there’s much more in February.

For those looking to venture out, there’s a CSI Study Abroad Fair and for those who are happy at home and prefer international affairs come to you, on February 14th, in 1P a Lunar New Year festival is taking place with games and prizes.

On the same day, there is a meeting of the student government as well for the students who want to witness the intricicanties of the college in action (where money goes and how it used).

If you miss this for some reason, do not worry. They take place bi-weekly. Students always want to know why isn’t this being fixed or why isn’t that being looked at and repaired.

In March, when it comes to happenings in CSI that could be considered hidden treasures, one could attend the Mindfulness Circle on the 7th which takes students on a voyage through meditation to rid them of stresses and worries.

Run by Grove Rune, she aims to bring students to a stillness unlike they’ve ever experienced before.

In 1C on the 12th, The Evason’s will perform, who are a mentalist duo hoping to leave attendees speechless with their psychic adventures that are part hijinx and part romance.

As seen by the accompanying video on the CSI Connect webpage, for those who like being involved, audience participation is a sure thing. Comedy, suspense and endearment all rolled into one.

Not much is given in the official description for the “Ultimate Gaming Event” on the 26th, but noting that it’s in the gym of all places and that Dance Dance Revolution will be playable among other video games. who knows what else in store?

When April comes around, two events stick out. One rather being under the radar, and one that’s quite prevalent. On the same day and same location no less. The Spring Carnival will be held outside within the cafeteria plaza.

Besides the obstacle course, rock wall and other festivities that will be there, a husband and wife who go by the name Team M&M will also be present, creating art with balloons and sand, using the students who attend as their canvas. Both happen on April 30th, in front of 1C.

And finally, trailing off the semester, May brings another two happenings that may peak your interest. Taking place on the 1st, Josh and Mishan, the hosts of “Central Park Bubbles” will literally make giant bubbles and let students step into them.

Featured on TV shows, movies and magazines, this will surely be a hit for all those who go.

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