Breakfast Boosted Way For The Day

Benefits Are Benefits Nonetheless

By: Philip Sanzone

The right kind of breakfast can jump start any day. (Credit:

Breakfast is a meal that can help in many ways, and yes—it’s not the most important. But it definitely serves a purpose, and who’s to say breakfast is always in the morning?

It definitely is the first meal of the day, it is just a matter of what time the person decides to wake up and start their day. It is important to know that the benefits of a healthy breakfast has been linked to weight loss and helping to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Having a decent enough breakfast will also in some cases keep grumbles locked up and snacking down. Also, to help back up the weight loss theory is research that observed that people who ate breakfast on average were thinner than people who didn’t.

In addition, it has been proven that eating a large breakfast increases food intake throughout the day. Making sure there is a balance and knowing one’s body is key to figuring out how much caloric intake is needed to begin the day.

Current findings connect breakfast to a healthy heart, which the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reported in 2017, explaining how passing up breakfast can lead to atherosclerosis. This is when the arteries close and tense up as a result of plaque build-up.

On top of that, people who skip breakfast have been noted to have a heavier waistlines, elevated blood pressures, and cholesterol. Overall, breakfast is important for health and our mental strength.

By eating the right things in the beginning of the day, it can also help in the stabilization of our moods. Also, it can help with combating crankiness, drowsiness, and sudden mood changes.

From personal experience, eating things like bacon and eggs with fruits gives a perk to mental wellness and keeps overeating at bay throughout the day.

Be sure to eat a good breakfast and also be prepared to have a snack just in case. Letting your stomach grumble for a long periods of time leads to a slow-down of the metabolism.

This actually causes weight gain since the amount your eating takes longer to process in the body. Eating what the body needs is important, because nutrients and calories give the body its basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is defined as the basic caloric intake needed to just survive and function.

Altogether, just waking up and eating breakfast  can help restart the brain and body to function for the day. By using up calories in order to get moving into gear and to have as a compensation for energy that is used up, it can help to have a more balanced mood and functionality in the morning.

Also, glucose actually helps with memory recollection and storing when sleeping during the night. Replenishing it early in the morning helps especially if class is early in the day.

Keeping oneself refreshed and energized can be done by refueling the body’s natural fuel, even just having a snack can help with getting through a three hour class.

Each helping might be small or big, but nonetheless it provides an opportunity for a healthy mind and body. In conjunction with being a college student, keeping up with one’s health is pivotal, but can be a daunting task. To just eating big, small, and just right breakfast had all different effects.

Give a healthy and hearty breakfast a try. There is no harm in trying to see how much you can get out of a simple day time meal. Even waking up early in the morning makes one feel more fulfilled.

Practicing healthy habits will definitely lead to a healthier body and mind. It’s all about trying and failing, then trying again.



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