The Pre-Law Club Raises the Bar

Macaulay Student Brings Pre-Law Club to CSI

By: Ruben Sibri

Maxwell Velikodny’s interest and passion for law and politics are the driving forces behind his goals and dreams.

Maxwell founded the pre-law  Club at CSI, in an attempt to find like minded peers and make up for the lack of  representation the school has for pre-law students. The club brings in speakers to educate and discuss a wide variety of subjects with students.

Here students are provided context and a base for a subject, while the members express their perspective on the manner at hand. Maxwell encourages those with no prior experience to join.

As president he tries to guide the conversation and gives concepts to talk about but without feeling like he’s giving a lecture. Members are welcome to jump in and speak their mind and they do.

”I love the back and forth,” Maxwell says about the style of the club.  It’s been quite a learning experience for Maxwell. Recently he had to study up on and put together a presentation on business law, a subject he didn’t have a lot of experience with, and although it proved to be a challenge it was one he enjoyed.

“I felt accomplished…it makes me feel like I made a difference,” ultimately Maxwell expresses pride in his contribution in bringing a platform that encourages discussion for those interested in pre-law  in the CSI community. Maxwell was able to get the club up and running only 2 months after starting college last semester.

“My life dream has always been becoming a part of the Supreme Court of the United States because I always wanted to make a positive difference in the world,” Maxwell has an unmatched confidence in achieving his goals. He finds the uniqueness of the law comes from how intricate and vast it can be, something that might drive others away, but not him.

He aspires to get into Harvard Law and become a DA, corporate attorney or a judge afterwards. Although that’s some time away the pre-law  club helps himself and those in it discuss, learn and strategize about the law now.

With the help with of his Macaulay advisor and club secretary, Rebecca Del Vecchio, Maxwell was introduced to Michael Paris.

While some might be unfamiliar with Professor Paris, Maxwell certainly wasn’t. He’d been trying to find a way to meet the pre-law  advisor and jumped at the opportunity to do it. The following week Professor Paris was on board.

Having previously advised the old pre-law  club he was excited to get this club off the ground.

Maxwell is a student who is all in with his interests and hopes other students in the CSI community can do the same. His message to any student interested in joining or starting a club is to just do it.

Clubs are an essential part of CSI, they provide engaging and growing sub communities in the college. Which is why starting one was perfect for Maxwell who’s eager to split his time being involved in CSI and helping make a difference.

Maxwell has big plans coming for next semester. Along with the club’s Vice President John Como, Treasurer, Gabriell Kleydman, Rebecca Del Vecchio, Secretary and Allan D khaimov, Council Representative, Maxwell is committed to hitting some strides with the club.

Due to the club being formed in short notice he wasn’t able to do much pre planning. However, he assures that once summer comes he’ll  work on making a plan for the following that’ll surely increase the success of the rising club.

Every other Tuesday from 2:30 – 4:15 the club is open to anyone who and everyone. From talking to those who practice law in the local area to slowing it down a bit and watching “12 angry Men” the pre-law  club has rejuvenated what might have seemed like a lost passion at CSI.

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