Seeking Revenge in “Cold Pursuit”

A Son for a Son When Blood is Spilled

By:  Roseanne Cassar

Liam Neeson stars as a father investigating his son’s death. (Credit:

Liam Neeson stars in the 2019 revenge thriller movie, “Cold Pursuit.” Neeson plays the character Nelson Coxman.  Coxman works for a snow plowing company in the mountain ski resort town of Kehoe, Denver.

Coxman is portrayed in the movie as a hard worker, who receives a “Citizen of the Year” award.  Coxman later finds out that his son was found dead. An autopsy was done, where the results showed that his son died of a drug overdose.

After some time has lapsed, Coxman finds one of his son’s friends. They were hiding in the garage while Coxman was contemplating on committing suicide.  Coxman was convinced enough that his son was not a drug user of any kind. Since he recently lost his son, he sets out to find the truth of what happened and solve the mystery to help him get closure.

Coxman stops at nothing to find his son’s perpetrator. He goes through many people until he finds his main target.  His target is “a slick, dangerous, well-protected drug lord called “Viking.”” Viking is played by Tom Bateman.

While Viking is trying to figure out who is killing his men,  he points fingers to his competitor drug lord, “White Bull”. White Bull is played by Tom Jackson.

Viking is so steamed by the killings of his men that he doesn’t realize that he started a war between territories when he innocently killed the son of White Bull and hung his dead body over a street sign for his father to find him.

Chief White Bull was fuming when he discovered his son’s dead body.  White Bull made a vow to his men that they were to get revenge on Viking by kidnapping and killing his son.  

White Bull’s vow:  “We are to kill a son for a son because blood has been spilled on their land.”  Meanwhile, Coxman visits his “brother/former partner in crime” Wingman. Wingman is played by William Forsythe.  

Wingman is a retired hitman who worked for Viking. Once Wingman explained to Nelson what the beef was between Viking and White Bull, he made a decision to help his brother create a plan to get to Viking.  

Wingman suggested to hire a hit man by the name of “The Eskimo” for ninety thousand dollars up front and then pay the rest once the job was done.

The Eskimo went to Viking and spilled the beans that he was there to do a hit on him.  He was selling the ninety thousand dollars to Viking to save his own life but Viking had different plans.  Viking agreed to buy what the Eskimo was selling for the name of the person who sent him.

The Eskimo told him Coxman.  Viking thought that the Wingman hired him to kill him, but he was wrong. Viking killed the wrong Coxman brother.  

Coxman’s plan worked to get to Viking. The plan was to intervene a kidnapping of Viking’s son and bring him back to his house. In turn lure both drug dealers to meet at Coxman’s house for a blood bath.  

In the midst of all the shooting, everybody dies except Coxman and White Bull.  The female officer arrived at the scene to collect the dead bodies. The female police officer is played by Emmy Rossum.  

Coxman and White Bull ride in a snow plower in a serene, nonviolent and peaceful harmony knowing what it’s like to lose a child. Cold Pursuit is directed by Hano Petter Moland. It’s a “remake from a 2014 Norwegian film “In Order of Disappearance”.”  

This movie is not only action packed, but includes some laughable moments, as well as some serious ones too.


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