April Fools!

Will Beer Pong Ever Get Professional Recognition?

The Next Step for the Olympics Can Be Beer Pong

By: Danny Cacace

Beer Pong has the chance of being played in front of millions of people instead of someone’s basement. (Credit: freepik.com)

While Beer Pong has been a friendly drinking game that has existed for many years, many countries have been contemplating whether this event should be an Olympic sport.

Beer Pong is an event played by many people; such as college frats, teens who have not reached the legal age to drink yet, and young adults. People everywhere play this game with their colleagues for fun.

The nature of the game consists of 2-4 players on each team with a table of cups filled with beer inside them. The object of the game has been to eliminate all the cups on one’s side of the table with that side becoming the winner.

A grand prize would usually be money, but instead would be replaced with medals that consist of bronze, silver and gold medals. They would also be rewarded as Olympic champions for their country for Beer Pong.

“We have been thinking for a long time now about whether Beer Pong should be played in the Olympics or not,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I believe Beer Pong is a competitive enough atmosphere where players will really show their love and pride for this game especially representing their country.”

Although, Beer Pong is not one’s ideal game to be played in an event such as the Olympics, Beer Pong has a lot of movement and action going on where a viewer can enjoy watching the event live on television. In time, if this becomes part of the Olympics, Beer Pong has the potential to be one of the most highly viewed events in the Olympics.

Yes, Beer Pong is not a sport, but it is just like tennis. Since it is really similar to that sport, the Olympics have no reason to not want to include Beer Pong apart of their games.

It is only a matter of time for the people who are in charge of the Olympics to see that Beer Pong deserves some recognition for qualifying as an event, or even a sport for that matter, as part of the Olympics.

People already play this game for money-which makes sense because who wouldn’t play for the chance to win thousands of dollars?

So, for people to play for the chance to win a medal to represent their country it would be a great honor.

“I think Beer Pong will put a new spin on how the Olympic games can be, it would show that we don’t need to have all the main sports in here, we can witness a little fun along with some friendly but serious competition,” Said France President Emmanuel Macron.

“If we had to vote today whether or not Beer Pong should be apart of the Olympics, I would say yes without a doubt in my mind.”

Beer Pong has the opportunity to be recognized as an iconic event that will be taken place in the Olympics.

This event played by many will be played world-wide if given the chance to be played in the Olympics, and people can finally understand who do not already that Beer Pong is a very popular and loved game. Beer Pong can be a game-changer to this world-wide sporting event.

There has to be a voting session as soon as possible because Beer Pong will be revolutionary. It has the likelihood to show people that Beer Pong is not just a game played in house parties or in college dorms; it can be played internationally.

“Beer Pong will be the number one sporting event in the history of the Olympics, I repeat number one,” said United States President Donald Trump.

“It must be a part of the Olympics because I know it will change the culture and nature of this global event.”

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