A Behind the Scenes Look at CSI’s Spring Events

A Spring Carnival Open to the Campus Body

By: Anes Ahmed

Enjoy the festivities and fun happening in the CSI Spring Carnival. Photo Credit: Veronica Pistek

With this semester finally approaching finals week, students are getting ready to wrap up their studies and jump straight into their summer breaks. But, before the closing of the remainder of this semester, there is still one festive event to look forward to: the College of Staten Island Spring Carnival.

The CSI Spring Carnival is an annual event open to the general campus, and arguably, it is one of the most exciting and fun events our college hosts. With activities such as inflatable axe throwing, rock climbing, and many carnival stands offering their own creative games, this year’s Spring Carnival is both expanding and strengthening its festivities.

With major contributions, planning and assistance from the Campus Activities Board (CAB) who helped develop this event, they have been able to create numerous on campus to increase student engagement. In conversation with Joe Weisberg, the Major Events Coordinator here on CAB, he says that there are many entertaining events happening in the coming weeks.

“Some of the upcoming events that we are hosting during Spring Week includes the Spring Carnival, Bubble Event, and the Make Your Own Flower Pot event,” Joe expressed. “These events are a great and needed way to relax right before the stress of Finals Week.”

These events were created with the intention to not only provide a way to destress students right before their final examinations, but these activities serve as an opportunity for students to connect with the campus community through understanding the clubs and people who help assist with these events.

The Spring Carnival will be happening on April 30th, 2019, right in front and throughout the entrance of the Campus Center. The event is certain to draw in crowds through the provided free food, a DJ that will be playing some exciting musical tracks, and heart pumping activities that is sure to be promising for all participants.

“While planning this event,” said Joe, “we wanted to incorporate some of our past activities that had a great reception such as Maui Wowi, which are frozen non-alcoholic drinks that are free of charge for students. In addition, we wanted to experiment by adding new entertainment such as inflatable axe throwing.”

As Spring Carnival is sure to engage our campus body, some of the other upcoming events have some amazing refreshments such as the Central Park Bubble event. This event includes interactive games such as placing guests in giant bubbles and allowing moved around and about.

In addition, this event will be offering attendees free bubble tea drinks which will sure to be a hit for students. The final upcoming event will be the Make Your Own Flower event, which allows guests to bring their own artistic talents in developing a design for their flower pots (which will be housing their own flowers for celebration of the May season).   

  These events will be taking place on the following dates: Spring Carnival will be on April 30th, 2019; Central Park Bubble event which will be occurring on May 1st, 2019; and the MYO Flower Pot event is happening on May 2nd, 2019. For further details or interest in joining with some of the behind the scenes work, attend a meeting or reach out to the CAB office located on the 2nd floor in the Campus Center.

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