Cardi B Says She Drugged and Robbed Men

Should She Take the Same Heat As the #MeToo Perpetrators?

By: Samiha Charles

Cardi B finds herself in the midst of another slander. Photo credit: Vox.com

Just recently an Instagram live clip of Cardi B resurfaced of the rapper admitting to drugging and robbing men during her earlier years as a stripper. In the video, she said,“I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to f*ck me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged n****s up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do.”

She later claimed that the Instagram clip was 3 years old.

After receiving much heat from her comment, she followed up on twitter tweeting “IM THAT B*** THEY LOVE TO HATE, I’M THAT B*** THEY HATE TO LOVE and I love it.” This created a whirlwind on social media of hashtags such as #CancelCardiB or #SurvivingCardiB, referring to the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly”.

Many people have openly voiced their opinions about the “Please Me” rapper claiming that what she did was a crime and that her actions should not be excused regardless if they happened in the past. Others compared her to celebrities like Bill Cosby, who was indicted for sexual assault for allegations of drugging and raping women.

At first, she brushed off the comments; tweeting that she couldn’t be cancelled even if they tried. But as more users continued to slander her image, she later responded in a tweet stating, “All I can do now is be a better me for myself, my family and my future.”

She said she wasn’t proud of her past and that she had to do what she had to do on account of her limiting circumstances. “I’m apart of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from and talk about the wrong things you had to do to get to where you are.”

She adds, “The men I spoke about in my life were men that I dated that I was involved with, men that were conscious willing and aware.”

However, one of the alleged victims paints an opposite effect. On March 27, Kevin Smith allegedly came out to recount the story of the night he was drugged and robbed by Cardi B.  

He claimed that he had met Cardi B at the strip club 5 years ago and started feeling her until he convinced her to go to a backroom with him for drinks.

Soon after, he had gone to the bathroom, came back and according to him, “Last thing I remembered was she was twerking on me, music blasting and that was it.” He continued that, “ The next morning I saw a used condom on the floor and then I noticed all the cash I had, which was about $850, my Louis Vuitton belt, and my iPod touch was missing.”

He said that when he tried to call her back to see where his things were, he realized that she had given him a Google voice number.

He claimed that he knew she had done it but did not want to press charges, as he feared it would affect his relationship with his fiance at the time. “It was certainly traumatizing and as a man you never want to admit that you were taken advantage of,” he stated. “No man wants to say #MeToo.”

Although the allegations have yet to be proven, we can clearly see the discrepancies in both Cardi B and Smith’s statements. In the spur of the #MeToo movement, many celebrities such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and R. Kelly are dealing with the repercussions of their sexual misconduct against women.

Double standards are clearly evident in a case like this as people compare and contrast the Bodak Yellow rapper’s acts with those of the aforementioned

However, one thing is clear- yes: her actions are undoubtedly inexcusable, but they are certainly incomparable with the other perpetrators. To start, she had only admitted to drugging and robbing men, not raping them, as opposed to R.Kelly, or Bill Cosby.

She claims that before she became as affluent and famous as she is today, she had to drug and rob men to survive. The violators, however, have drugged and raped women at the height of their success and have in fact, used their platform to continue their wrongdoings for years.

Much investigation is definitely needed for Cardi’s scandal. Investigation on the victims and on her, but will she be reprimanded for what she’s done?

Probably not. In retrospect, she will probably receive more heat from the media, but with the height of her success and her reasons for her actions, this case will most likely die down.

This may very well just be a step towards female investigation during the #MeToo movement or a small bump in the rise of her success. Whatever will come, will come, just don’t excite yourself over the justices they shall receive.


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