Flying Through the Art of Trapeze

Trapeze Makes People’s Wishes to Fly Come True

By: Gabriell Kleydman

Performing a trick at the rig. Photo Credit: Gabriell Kleydman

Ever wanted to fly but gravity is totally stopping you? Have you ever heard of something called flying trapeze?

Flying trapeze is a particular form of trapeze that has the flier jump from a platform with the trapeze bar in hand so that gravity is able to let the flier swing and perform tricks mid-air.

Something that you have only seen done in circuses is completely accessible to the public!

Nestled on the rooftop of Pier 40, overlooking both the Westside Highway and the Hudson River, is the Trapeze School of New York, currently one of the very few schools offering flying trapeze classes in the New York City area.

Despite the fact that I live in one of the five boroughs, I do not tend to go to the city that often. Usually, when I do embark on the one-and-a-half-hour train and ferry ride there, I take a trapeze class overlooking the Hudson River at 8:00 a.m.

I will admit that the commute is a little strenuous, and I do have to wake up before five in the morning to make it a few minutes early to an 8 a.m. class, but thankfully, I love the mornings. I definitely recommend their ‘sunrise’ class

What makes me truly anticipate the trip to the city in order to take one of those classes is simply just the view. The classes take place on the roof of Pier 40, you could almost see the tops of all the buildings!

In order to ‘fly’, everybody needs to climb up a long ladder in order to get to a ledge. From there, you then proceed to jump off. Usually, when I am up there, I will stop what I am doing and take a moment or so to look around me and take in the view.

To my left, the West-Side Highway booms and echoes in the morning, with cars and people making their way to their designated work areas. The bustle of the highway and the rest of the city holds a stark contrast to the view on my right which overlooks the Hudson River.

At 8 a.m., as the sun is coming up, the Hudson glistens like a hundred little diamonds as the sun begins to rise. The cars on the other side of the river look like little ants crawling around on their little legs. I soak in all of this as I wait for the calls to perform my trick.

Usually when you’re up there, you stop thinking and just listen to the calls of the instructor on the ground. You’re moving so fast through the air that it’s honestly impossible to think of anything else.

I’ve tried many times before. It doesn’t work.

Call me biased, but I think their ‘sunrise’, or 8 a.m. class, is hands down the best to take over the summer. For those interested, their Pier 40 location is only open in between April and late October. The weather in the morning on the roof is never too cold and never too warm, especially that early in the morning.

The trapeze community that goes to the Trapeze School of New York is rather small, so once you start going consistently, you’ll begin to form amazing connections with so many like-minded individuals.

So, are you looking to try something new down the line? Trapeze is definitely something completely out of this world and a great activity to be apart of to make your week a little bit more exciting.

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