The Shake-Up At The Department Of Homeland Security

Trump’s Tough New Immigration Move

By: Dejon Virgo

President Trump talking with immigration officers at a meeting. (Credit: Aurn.com)

President Donald J. Trump is shaking up the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by firing Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who led the department in the beginning of April.

He also decided to withdraw his Immigration and Customs Enforcement pick, remove the Secret Service Director, and threaten more terminations.

These moves by Trump come because he has grown frustrated with illegal immigration at the southern border which has reached the highest numbers seen in a decade, according to Politico.

The Administration has tried different ways to stop the number of migrants arriving at the border and illegal immigration but it looks like these methods failed.

One of these policies probably deemed the most famous is the family separation policy, which Secretary Nielsen oversaw and defended as a deterrent for migrants going to the border.

The policy was repealed by an Executive Order after backlash from the general public and Trump’s own family members like Ivanka and Melania Trump. Secretary Nielsen was under extreme pressure by Trump to stop the increase in illegal immigration and everytime the numbers increased she would be held responsible.

Nielsen’s firing also came at a time when the President said he would shut down the southern border with Mexico but he backed out of that idea because of the impact that it could have on the economy, as Mexico is the U.S.’s third largest trading partner.

Another idea Trump had was to bus migrants to the so called “sanctuary cities” that are mostly governed by Democrats as political payback for the lack of progress on immigration with Congress.

This comes following reports from CNN and the New York Times that Trump told his new Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan that he could break the law for implementing his immigration policy and would be pardoned.

The numbers are putting stress on DHS with 95,000 migrants attempting to cross the border in March. In April the number could reach 100,000.

These numbers show that there could be about one million attempted border crossings this year which shows a real humanitarian crisis on the southern border. DHS has expressed this crisis, saying they are running out of space to hold these migrants and beds are filling up.

There are also reports that DHS is building more tent cities to hold more migrants. The President has responded to this by saying the country is filled up and there is no room to house migrants in the detention facilities.

The increase in migrants at the border and a court case that says child migrants can’t be detained for more than 20 days have led the Administration to release migrants with a court order, or what Trump calls “catch and release.”

Congress can only help stop this crisis, but they don’t seem willing to compromise on anything, especially immigration which is the only way the Administration can solve this problem legally.

The purge of DHS officials shows that Trump is becoming upset about the growth of illegal immigration and wants to take a harder stance on this issue. People should expect more action from the Administration on this issue and the President will surely use this in his reelection campaign.

Whoever is the next confirmed Secretary of Homeland Security will have their hands full addressing things that don’t have anything to do with the border and keeping Trump happy.

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