Will the New Zombie Video Game Meet Expectations?

“Days Gone” Has the Potential to be Next Game of the Year

By: Danny Cacace

The main protagonist in the game is running away from a horde of zombies. (Credit:

“Days Gone” is a new zombie survival game that was released on Friday, April 26th. This game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and prior to its release,  was projected to be a massive hit in sales, especially built with all the hype surrounding it.

This new zombie video game is an open-world zombie land filled with countless zombies to go face off against. There will also be people trying to control their territory that will try to kill whoever is in their way.

In “Days Gone,” one will play as the character Deacon St. John, who has just lost his family due to the zombie apocalypse that has occurred. He is now on the run trying to survive in a world where everyone and everything is coming after him.

This game is supposed to a 60 hour long story-line game filled with tons of cut-scenes and a lot of gameplay where the player takes control on how they want to face off against its enemies. “Days Gone” will be an action-packed survival horror game and it will not be a fun ride surviving in this daunting and cruel environment.

Speaking of rides, the player will be riding a motorcycle throughout the whole game trying to get through the world. As they ride the motorcycle, they also will need to repair and put gas in it while there are other people trying to do the same thing as the protagonist.

This game has caught gamers’ attention due to its unique concept, causing a surge in pre-orders. Many people expect this game to soar in sales and crush its competition such as “World War Z, ” which was released April 16th.

“World War Z” is another zombie game that is solely a multiplayer game that didn’t live up to the hype. It is based off the movie that came out 6 years ago and is basically a replica of it along with the hordes of zombies the players go off against.

The game is missing an enticing story which the developers could have come up with as well as more maps to play on from the jump. According to, they are coming out with a Tokyo map upon launch. If these things were put into the game which is now lacks, it could’ve had a richer gameplay.

The thing that “Days Gone” is doing right is they are actually having a story where fans of these kind of games will love and immerse themselves right into and will not want to get out.

According to, multiplayer was pitched as an idea to add to the game similar to that of “World War Z”. However Sony, who is in charge of PS4’s entertainment rejected the idea because Sony usually puts their focus in trying to tell a good story. Nonetheless, this does leave the suggestion open to add more storyline expansion in the coming months after the game releases.

The question remains if “Days Gone” will meet people’s expectations, but with this game being developed for a few years now, we are sure that the developers of the game have made sure to put out the best version to make sure people will enjoy the full experience of playing it.

“Days Gone” will be right up there for the game of the year and will definitely be a better game than “World War Z” and will really profit in sales. It is only a matter of time before the world gets to see how “Days Gone” will be and if it will meet the expectations of the people that’ve been waiting for a long time for this game to be released.


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