Coachella 2019 Serving Looks for the Entire Summer

LGBTQ+ Best Coachella Outfits

By: Valerie Gonzalez

Coachella never runs short of inspiring outfits. (Credit:

Coachella weekends mean amazing performances, music, food, celebrities, pictures—a dream come true for all the young adults out there! Eight stages full of insta-worthy pictures, amazing drinks and tons of fun will be ready to make your weekend an unforgettable one.

As the years passed by and Coachella became more popular by bringing more people and announcing more artists, the festival has become one of the most important annual festivals since 2001.

This year Coachella’s lineup was filled with up to 167 artist and many surprise performances like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande that left the audience speechless.

In addition, there were some of the most wanted performances including Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Childish Gambino, Gucci Gang, Khalid, Diplo, J Balvin and more!

Although the music should be all that matters in a festival, through the years outfits worn by the attendants and attendees have been a hot topic as well. Everyone looking for the best and worst outfits of the weekend, and from home we share our opinions on them too.

This year the LGBTQ community wasn’t playing—a 3-day weekend was just to show the entire nation that they’re all here for it! No more shame, no more hiding, the LGBTQ community is here and is here to stay! And to applaud the fearlessness of their outfits here are the top 5 best outfits of the LGBTQ influencers:

Gabriel Zamora

@gabrielzamora   with over 120K likes on this post


Joey Graceffa

@joeygraceffa with over 183k likes on this post.

Bretman Rock

@Bretmanrock with over 1M likes on this post.

Nikita Dragun

@Nikita_dragun with over 651K likes on this post.


James Charles

@Jamescharles with over 3.9M likes on this post.


Nikita dragun and Bretman Rock for Sugar Bear Hair.


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