The Weather Really Wears You

Fashion with Weather

By: Val Ramos

Different weather, different outfits. Credit:

Deciding what to wear before leaving your home is hard, but here are some suggestions on how to dress for your day.

 Before even deciding on what article of clothing I’m going to wear the night before I look at the weather for the following day- it’s simple to say the weather chooses for you. 

Make sure to have a backup plan just in case the weather changes, because it happens. When you wake up, check the weather again just to see if anything has changed, and that’s where the backup comes in. 

As long as you’re looking good in your fit, nothing matters. Own it. 

Picking what to wear shouldn’t be as hard as people make it seem. Clothing is just material sewn together, and wearing a brand is not all that important. At times, off-brands look better than the original and that’s the gag of it all. 

Never forget to just wear what you feel. Sometimes you’ll have people that will question your style, but to be honest no one will understand your aesthetic and style more than you do. And that’s the tea.

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