Calling All Musical Theatre Fans

Spotlighting the New CSI Musical Theatre Club

By: Victoria Oriente

Students and club creators Arnold Lopez and Shannon Smith. Credit: Victoria Oriente

Interested in taking the stage through singing, dancing, band or acting? Or perhaps you prefer backstage work such as directing, lights, set design, or costume design? 

 Regardless of how you enjoy getting involved in productions, the Musical Theatre Club at CSI is for you. 

Students Arnold Lopez and Shannon Smith created the Musical Theatre Club with the goal of teaching musical theatre to those who are looking to learn more about it, and uniting people of all different backgrounds through common interest in musicals and musical production, as well as enriching the CSI community through something that is surprisingly not offered in our school. 

“I went to the Admitted Student Conference and when speaking with Student Life, I had asked if the school had a musical theatre program or put on any musical productions– it was to my surprise that they didn’t offer any,” Smith said. 

Once Lopez heard about this, the two decided to bring the love of musical production to the college and give students who are interested in more than just plays a chance to gain experience for their future careers in addition to singing, dancing, and acting in a safe environment. 

What really sets this apart from just acting in the school’s drama department is that the club is open to all students at CSI regardless of talent, and welcomes all students who are somehow interested in getting involved using whatever field they are interested in. 

Whether you perform well in an audition or not, there is always a way to get involved. Smith and Lopez have plans to start out the club with studying musicals, as well as singing songs in hopes to one day with a higher budget, be able to take their talent to the spotlight on stage. 

Some of the students’ inspiration originates from performances such as Six, Hamilton, and Hairspray

Hairspray the Musical is one of the creators’ inspirations. Credit:

When asked about what their favorite elements of those productions were, Lopez appreciated the main message of Hairspray adding on that the musical shows “you don’t have to be society’s version of white, blonde, and skinny, you can be proud of your body shape, ethnicity, race, gender and still have just as much of a chance as everyone else.” 

Smith values Hamilton because of how much diversity was truly on the stage and that the actors were casted not based on race or looks, but talent. 

Hamilton was the first musical I listened to and it helped me get over stage fright and insecurities and motivated me to get into Musical Theatre”. 

Hamilton on Broadway serves as another inspiration to Lopez and Smith. Credit:

It is also such a beauty to Lopez and Smith to witness how theatre evolved throughout time, from these works being mere concepts to full on broadway productions. It is a mission for them to show members this beauty as well. 

Personally, from my experience with these types of productions in High School one of the most amazing aspects was transforming from just reading lines among a circle of teens, to getting into costumes and walking out on stage in front of an audience to see. 

Being in theatre is such an empowering feeling, an escape from real life where you can truly be whoever you want to be and inspire those around you. 

Meetings will take place during club hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays once the club is officially able to start. 

The club is currently focusing on getting their budget improved and hosting some fundraisers and advertisements to gain more public interest, after that they will open their doors to all students who are interested! Anyone with questions or inquiries can reach out to 

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