PC Culture’s Miserable Mission to Manage Halloween

‘Lazy Liberal Leagues’ Call for Censorship

By: Sammy Quarrato

Halloween should not be a day of total censorship. Credit: westernjournal.com

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated all over the US and other countries in the world from Central America to Western Europe.

The holiday hasn’t always been met with open arms from the majority of Americans, being seen as satanic and an insult to God for dressing as ghosts and witches due to the Bible damning these creatures.

What is unfortunate is that this type of puritanism is still present to this day, but it’s in a different type of mold.

This type of puritanism is what we’ve been introduced to multiple times in your and my life is Political Correctness.

The days of people calling someone Satanist is over when you put a white sheet over you with three holes to make a spooky face but now when you wear a Native American Chief costume, and you post a picture of you in that outfit, you get tweets of people calling you a White Nationalist or other ridiculous claims such as that.

It used to be the ultra religious right wing who would put so much focus on this issue but in this day and age, it’s the regressives who get outraged over such measly “issues”.

Now when you wear a hobo costume, you are considered insensitive to homeless people. When you wear a provocative police feminine police costume you’re considered a “pig-lover” and “submitting to the patriarchy”; or, when you do a Trump impression you’re seen as “romanticizing with a fascist”.

This type of Lazy Liberalism is what the majority of the American people are sick and tired of everytime they see a notification from Twitter during Halloween.

If you are one of these people, there’s something that you should be aware of.

Instead of being outraged of people dressed as homeless people, go to a homeless shelter and donate or go to a soup kitchen and actually help them.

Instead of being enraged over people dressing as a mariatchi, realize that it itself is a costume and not something Mexicans wear on the regular.

And instead of flipping wall to wall from people dressing as a politician you don’t like, how about you go out and vote?

And to organizations such as The League of United Latin American Citizens who want to call for the censorship of costumes due to them being “degrading” to Latin American Culture, instead of wasting your resources with this Lazy Liberalism, you can help the parents and kids that haven’t seen each other for years.

Those are the real victims and they’re the ones that need the attention.

The least of their concern is someone of a different culture and ethnicity wearing a day of the dead costume on the wrong day. They want to see their families again.

The whole point of Halloween in its origin is to be non-politically correct. It’s why so many people despised it when it was first brought up.

We became a more tolerant and open-minded society overtime but change brings both good and bad aspects to it.

Yes, there are costumes such as Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden that can be argued as being in poor taste.

But calling for censorship doesn’t make those people that “are being targeted” feel better, it makes those who are calling for the unconstitutional ban of dressup better.

But to the majority of people reading this article and especially those who are planning to dress up, ignore the crazy regressives and insane fundamentalists.

And most of all, enjoy Halloween.


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