To Comic Con and Beyond

Every Year the Con Becomes More Magical

By: Lorenzo R Martinez

Hey, what can I say, this is a collector’s life at it’s finest. Credit: Lorenzo R Martinez

Thirteen years. Has it truly been thirteen years since the first Comic Con convention in New York City? 

In 2006, I was in my own chaos of living believe it or not. I was becoming my own man, and although the blood that was running inside of my veins at that time were of comics, movies,  and the sci-fi world, they weren’t at full gear effect until about five years later. 

I first found out about the buzz of the con right before the craziness of the first Avengers movie. At that point, I was a heavy collector of statues, comics and movies, so it was only a matter of time before I would invest into what was about to become a global event.

The year 2012 came around and boy oh boy, what a difference a year makes. I had just gotten my new apartment and had put together what I back then called “Lorenzo’s Batcave.” 

It was a thing of beauty filled with all of my expensive collectables and hobbies. I was ready for Comic Con and my Batcave was ready for an upgrade.

That year was special to me. The statue demand for collectors was just starting to peek and I was like a kid in a candy shop picking each one for purchase. I must have spent about two grand on everything I came home with that year. 

Ever since then, each year has gotten better and better. The tickets have been close to impossible to buy online, but with the power of the internet, anything is possible to find. Although I have slowed down with the collecting, I always make sure I bring back some type of goodies to add to my repertoire. 

Most years, I tend to focus on my collectables, what’s new, and the art world. Which don’t get me wrong, I surely did. 

For the most part, the SideShow Collectibles are a thing of beauty that I always focus on. And the Dragon Ball Super figures are my complete weakness (which I went in depth with as I do every year), but this year I decided to make the cosplay world my priority. 

As each year passed, people have just gotten more and more creative with their outfits. 

More and more people have been dressing up. It has gotten to the point where even I have been contemplating to do so eventually. 

Some of their creative minds are brilliant. You truly have to be there to experience their creativity. 

Some of them are so great, that they literally pick a corner in the Javits Center and just pose all day long as hundreds, even thousands, of photographers, videographers, YouTubers and media influencers photograph and record their creativity. It has become a culture.

The cosplay culture is an art to be admired and loved. 

Saying all that, I, as a YouTuber myself, have gotten into the field of recording my own videos, as well as admiring others that do their own. I have come across a few well done and well put together stories that I have invested my time in. One specific guy is @gokuflex. 

Meeting great people & influencers like @gokuflex at the con is what it is all about. Credit: Lorenzo R. Martinez

As a Dragon Ball Z fan, this guy has been one of the rare cosplay dressers that I have truly admired most. He has documented his stories and his comic con experiences every year and he just gets better and better.

 I had the honor of finally meeting him and it was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in a con.

These are the things that make comic cons so special. Comic Con is not just an event, it has become an oasis. 

An escape where people like myself, enjoy our comic culture, our Sci-Fi culture, our Anime culture, and just any fun thing in general that brings out the child within each and every one of us.

  With that said, if you want to dive deeper into my experience, just check out my video You guys will truly enjoy it to the fullest. 


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