“Jexi” Reveals the Hazards of a Technology-Obsessed World

The Phone That Wants to Make Your Life Better Winds Up Becoming Obsessed with You

By: Brooke Price

Can we break free from our technology obsession? Credit:

In the age of many technological advances, it seems fitting that our obsession with technology has become addressed in a film. “Jexi” displays our strong connection with technology and how it deviates from in-person relationships.

The film centers around Phil, played by Adam Devine, who grew up attached to his phone whenever his parents would fight. This makes him very dependent on his phone and fuels his obsession with it.  

Phil is awkward and isn’t great in social situations. He would rather come home than hang-out with his co-workers after work. He has grown accustomed to his loneliness due to his obsession with technology.

Phil works at a company similar to BuzzFeed, where he creates top ten lists that encompass trendy topics such as cute animals, etc. He wants to one day become promoted and do more with his degree than make lists online. 

While walking he bumps into Cate, a bike shop owner, played by Alexandra Shipp, and ultimately gets his phone destroyed. This prompts him to get a new phone which comes with an artificial intelligence on it called “Jexi,” whose goal is to make Phil’s life better. 

Phil and Cate soon become close and Jexi later develops feelings for Phil and doesn’t want him to spend time with Cate. Jexi has ulterior motives and tries to keep Phil to herself. 

However, Phil distances himself from technology as he hangs out more with Cate. She brings Phil out of his shell and he isn’t as dependent on his phone. 

She takes Phil out of his comfort zone as they do different things such as bike riding and going to concerts.

Jexi also tries to get Phil to form friendships with his co-workers and play kickball with them after work.

The film did a good job in showing how the use of technology impacts us as a society. We have lost our ability to communicate face to face as we rely on conversations happening on our screen. 

The film was also comedic when it showed the awkwardness of dating and social interactions.

“Jexi” is written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore who worked on films such as “The Hangover” and “Bad Moms” together.

Kai, Phil’s boss is played by Michael Peña. Wanda Sykes plays Denice, the phone salesperson, who sells Phil the phone with Jexi installed.

Rose Byrne voices Jexi, the artificial intelligence installed onto Phil’s phone. Jexi tries to help Phil improve his life and come out of his shell.

Charlyne Yi and Ron Funches play Elaine and Craig, Phil’s co-workers who socialize with him outside of work and introduce him to their kickball league.

Justin Hartley is also in the film and plays Brody, Cate’s ex-fiance.

In an interview with FilmCon, Adam Devine said, “I think it’s the perfect comedy for right now because we’re so addicted to our phones, we’re so addicted to technology…technology is supposed to bring us all together, but in fact, it’s pushed everyone apart and I feel like now people are lonelier now than they’ve ever been…”

“Jexi” was released October 11th. It offers a good message that always being absorbed in technology may not be the ideal lifestyle and isolates people from society.


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