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Finding Happiness and Flourishing Love Through Faith

Carlos Glick’s Roadmap is Carved Out By Religion

By: Salvatore Cento

Glick rents out video equipment for his class, ready to record. Credit: Salvatore Cento

Carlos Glick was born and raised in California. Most of his family resides in Utah. 

When he was around seven years old, his adoptive parents decided to move to Staten Island. 

In August 2019, he graduated from Kingsborough Community College with an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. Quickly deciding to further his education, he registered as a student in the College of Staten Island aiming for a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies.

The epitome of always changing, always evolving, always growing.

When differentiating the environment of the last school that he attended to CSI, Glick says, “Compared to Kingsborough, the campus here is amazing. The buildings are spread far apart and nature is all around me.” 

Not to brush off the warm feelings he had for his previous school, he hurriedly typed it into the computer before him, excited to show me the map of KCC. 

Not to mention the fact that Glick is also currently minoring in drama as well. Inspired by his father who not only has a master’s degree in landscape design but is also a noted actor, Glick seems to be naturally pulled towards the mechanics of filmmaking.  “I want to know how movies are made and the elements that go into cinematography.”

With Glick, one doesn’t even have to hear him talk about his love for films. Donning a shirt that celebrates both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the time of our interview, one only has to see him in person. But the excitement for fantasy doesn’t stop there. Right behind the Harry Potter franchise, Star Wars comes in at a close second.

But with Glick, something else comes closer to his soul than his interest in the cultural impact of science fiction movies and that is his religion. Most surprising and ironically enough, this topic came to light when I asked about his favorite movie. 

A documentary called Meet the Mormons was his answer. It was about the examination of Mormon faith through the experiences of six devout people from around the world. As an interviewer always looking for that ingenious new thread within the spiderweb of a person’s complexities, I finally found what I was looking for. 

Glick is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is proud of it. He is quick to correct me when I define him as a mormon, as he tells me the members don’t want to classify as that any longer and the surprises did not stop there.

A simple question of what do you hope to accomplish during the rest of the life that you have here on earth was received with a straightforward and frankly, cliche answer. To match that, there always seems to be a fitting response. 

An answer would usually arrive in such a form that it can close out a profile which would bring everything to a closing statement and end the intriguing textual exploration of the person’s life.

While I expected something that was a mix of capturing memories with a desire for some sort of life altering change as that’s what I had learned of Glick, the answer was quite the opposite. The biggest finishing line moment that Glick was looking forward to the most was a simple one: Getting married. 

If anything, the location was the clincher. The Salt Lake temple in Utah.

That answer could very well stand as the definition of his character. As much as he may pack up and move from one side of the United States to the other, as much as he may decide to transfer colleges and switch cities along the way, and as much as any and all of the pivotal decisions that he might have to make in his future change his life’s ultimate path, it’s the small things that truly matter for Glick. Smelling the roses, raising a family, and enjoying what you can see around you.

What I learned from sitting down and conversing with Glick is that one theme remains concrete in everything this CSI student does in his life.

 “Religion is my driving force.”


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