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Working in Hillel: Meet Shifra Puah

Puah Welcomes CSI Students to Hillel

By: Mark Deutsch

Puah is behind many of the exciting events that Hillel hosts on campus. Credit: Shifra Puah

There’s a woman that’s working inside of CSI for a good purpose, one that pertains to a certain race. This person has invested a lot of energy into Hillel, a Jewish campus organization.  

This woman is Shifra Puah, and this is her background.

Before Puah worked for Hillel she graduated from CSI and acquired an undergraduate degree in sociology. Armed with a degree she traveled to Israel to work for a non-profit company there. 

She gained budget managing techniques and with her skills she could go anywhere. So why did she choose CSI? 

CSI is a good place to work and allows Puah to utilize her management skills. It helped that the club had a vacant spot open, so she filled it. 

Ever since her first meeting, she knew that she could picture herself working there. She began assisting with club events and trainings. 

Now Puah is the Student Engaging and Program Director, an important job at the Hillel organization. Students know Puah for doing many things for the club, including ordering food for meetings.

Hillel at CSI provides students with aid and training for their questions about college. 

That training is about speech skills, resume building, and other career guidance that people have trouble with. Hillel has connections that club members take advantage of. 

Puah is always willing to help others out, whether they are in Hillel or not. She is nice enough to let people enter and leave the club quietly, even if they’re not affiliated with the club.

She can be found in the Campus Center, Room 212, either orchestrating an event or helping people out. These activities are meant for both club members and people outside of the club. 

While there’s still pizza plus soda at every meeting, there’s usually something different every time.

Every week there’s usually a different event on campus hosted by Hillel. These include trying candy sushi or building a sukkah on campus. 

In short, a sukkah is a hut built for the sukkot holiday. Last fall, students built a sukkah together on campus. 

This event was basically for the holidays, but Hillel also hosts activities outside of this time. 

One such event would be that ice cream truck on campus last month, where the ice cream was free. Besides that truck handing out ice cream on campus, Hillel has done more than handing out sweets. 

Puah spends time teaching students about Hillel and encouraging them to join the club. 

Hillel is trying to bringing people closer to Judaism both on and off campus. There are multiple programs set to help students with careers or emergency situations. 

Puah is in charge of arranging these important programs, from food to career advisement, which are quite helpful. 

Puah is also part of a program that sends students to Israel. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to experience a country that brings so much significance to the club. 

Puah has been organizing these important activities for a few years, making her prominent in the Staten Island Hillel branch. 

You can almost always find her in the club room, where she’s willing to help anyone that has a problem. Her and many others have made a positive impact on campus.

For those interested in the Jewish community on Staten Island and at CSI, stop by 1C-212. There, you will meet Puah and fellow students excited to provide guidance. 

Puah is a valuable figure in Hillel and makes a difference in the lives of club members and students alike.


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