“Bless the Harts” is a New Relatable Family Sitcom

The Show Brings Heart and Comedy to the Craziest of Situations

By: Brooke Price

The star-studded cast gives light to a new animated sitcom. Credit:

A new animated family sitcom, called “Bless the Harts” was recently created. It centers on a working class family living in North Carolina.

Jenny lives with her boyfriend Wayne, daughter Violet, and her mother Betty. Jenny waitresses at a restaurant called “The Last Supper” as she tries to support her family.

The name of the show is based on the Southern phrase “bless your heart.” 

Emiley Spivey, the show’s creator and executive producer, grew up in High Point, North Carolina and was able to incorporate her experiences she had while growing up, into the show. Spivey also provides the voice for Louise, Jenny’s boss. 

In an interview with The News & Observer, Emily Spivey, the show’s creator discussed her influence for “Bless the Harts,” having grown up in North Carolina herself. “One of the things I wanted to do with (“Bless the Harts”) was to show real, authentic Southern people, and a sort of amalgam of people I grew up with and make it as authentic as possible — that’s my hope.”

Spivey drew inspiration for characters from people she knew growing up. “They’re really just mixtures of people that I knew growing up and the personalities I observed growing up…” (The News & Observer).

Christopher Miller, an executive producer for “Bless the Harts” said that Spivey is “the first female showrunner of a FOX animated show. That perspective is one thing that’s missing on that lineup.”

The cast is also jam-packed with celebrities. Kristen Wiig voices Jenny who puts in long hours to support her family and Ike Barinholtz voices Wayne, who has good intentions but can be a bit ditzy at times. 

Maya Rudolph voices Betty, Jenny’s widowed mother and Jillian Bell voices Violet, Jenny’s artistic daughter.

Kumail Nanjiani voices Jesus Christ, who appears as part of Jenny’s imagination when she works at “The Last Supper” when she needs someone to confide in or some guidance. Fortune Feimster voices Brenda, Jenny’s coworker who works at “The Last Supper” with her. 

Throughout the show, Jenny tries to support her family by working endless hours and Wayne tries to build bonds with Violet as he tries to become a father figure to her. 

The show also has some comedic moments such as when Wayne tries to help his family’s financial situation and buys ostriches with the hope that they’ll produce large eggs which he can sell for a hefty price, only to find out that they’re male and don’t lay eggs. He can’t sell the ostriches back, so he tries to tame them and have them do tricks, which aren’t very successful.

Another instance was when a controversial statue is put up in town and Jenny tries to make extra tips by favoring both sides of the argument depending on if certain customers agree or disagree whether or not the statue should be displayed.

The Thanksgiving episode focused on the Black Friday tradition the Harts had of bagging up their Thanksgiving meal and maneuvering through swarms of people to get the items they desired on the crazy holiday. However, Violet wanted to have a more traditional Thanksgiving celebration. The episode also focused on how Jenny and Wayne met.

“Bless the Harts” premiered on FOX on September 29th and has been renewed for a second season. The show has good intentions and is another heart-warming animated sitcom. 

We can’t wait to see what new situations the Harts will get themselves into in the episodes to follow next season.

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