There’s Nothing Wrong With Looking for Help, I Did

Counseling Services Available on CSI Campus

By: Myriam Bonilla

Dealing with mental disorders is a journey that does not have to be travelled alone. Credit:

I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, at the age of 12. I remember how I somehow felt ashamed of it, like it was this secret that no one should know. I refused to acknowledge I needed to see a therapist for years.  

Once I got older, I finally spoke to a professional and I realized that there’s no reason to feel upset, or embarrassed.  

Although, I finally understood and debunked the notion that a mental disorder is not shameful. Many people also feel the need to ignore symptoms like I did for fear of judgement. 

I truly believe that there shouldn’t be a stigma about any type of mental disorder.  I feel that many students don’t seek help for fear of judgement or that they will be seen as weak. 

This is completely false, reaching out can really help with the daily stresses. If anyone ever feels like they’ve lost control of their lives, stressed, or unhappy there are places that can help you. 

   CSI has facilities to help any students with different mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Even students that just need someone to talk about their issues with outside of their personal friends and family.

 Located in the building 1A in Room 109, the center provides people with the tools needed to live a mentally healthy life. 

One student, Sarah Peart, started to visit the Counseling Center.“Going to counseling has been a great experience,” said Peart. “It’s helped me tremendously.” 

It’s a great outlet to express your feelings free of judgement.

 Even if it does sound cliché, there’s no reason to suffer in silence, you don’t need to go through this plight alone. I guarantee therapy can help you the way it helped me and countless others. 

For more information, here are frequently asked questions from the website: 

What services does the Counseling Center provide? The Counseling Center provides free individual and group counseling for students of the College of Staten Island.  

We offer help regarding personal and academic issues. In addition to counseling, we teach courses related to student life.  Regularly, we conduct workshops on topics designed to help CSI students, such as money management, relaxation, and coping with test anxiety.

Why would someone go to the Counseling Center? Students come to the Counseling Center in order to address personal and educational issues.  

We assist people in managing personal crises, including stress, relationship conflicts, emotional difficulties, and questions about one’s identity.  

A significant portion of our work is also devoted to helping students with academic problems, such as developing time management skills.  In addition, we regularly meet with students who want to seek readmission or withdraw from the university.

Who works at the Counseling Center? We have a diverse staff of well-qualified and talented professionals, including Master’s and licensed psychologists. Please visit Counseling Center Staff to see personal profiles of our counselors. Our support staff is also very warm and welcoming.

If you are looking to go to the Counseling Center, the schedule is: Fall and Spring Semesters: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Wednesday and Thursday night until 7:00 pm; Summer Semester Monday – Thursday:  8:00 am – 5:30 pm, CLOSED Friday. 

If you have any further questions, the Counseling Center can be reached by phone at 718-982-2391 or e-mail at

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