Mental Illness Is The Trigger To School Shootings

Students Keeping Track Of The Number Of School Shootings. How Many More Until
The Government Finally Steps In.

By: Roseanne Cassar

Good and Evil. Credit: google.com

Victims of school shootings taking their own video photography to make the world acknowledge their horrific experiences.  Video’s as well as text messages are shared with social media.  

To watch a gruesome video showing in full detail what is happening to teachers and students while a shooting is taking place would definitely make people feel distraught.

These videos that the students created went viral on social media.  Now I’m sure that these videos had to reach our government because these serious incidents were broadcasted live on every news channel.  

Since these incidents has started over the years, there has been a total of ten overall.

Correction, make it eleven; there was another school shooting incident that happened yesterday.  Thank God for yesterday’s incident that no one was injured or found dead. But the student who had the gun and was pointing it at law enforcement was shot and injured by the police.

Police was informed by another student that there was a second student on the premises who had a handgun too.  Everything unfolded at the “Waukesha South High School at about 10:17 a. m.” The police took the student who had the gun into custody and brought the 17 year old to the hospital to get treated.

I was so relieved to learn when watching on T.V that no one else was affected by this incident.  You can’t tell me that the government is not aware that another gun related incident took place. All the government does is give grieving families condolences.

Is saying how “sorry” you feel when something like this happens enough?  Honestly, I don’t think it’s enough. These school shootings should not ever happen at all.

The government should do more about these school shooting incidents by creating stricter gun laws to make it harder for kids of any age to get their hands on a gun.  Get the Education Department involved from each state to create a safety/prevention program for teachers, parents and students.

The idea is to educate everyone, not just the schools that have already been victimized.  The program should consist of things that have happened in the past. Some examples include school bullying, cyber bullying, gun shootings, mental illness, etc.  

All schools should be prepared for the worst case scenario because you never know if a school shooting would take place in your neighborhood.  Knowing what to look can be very helpful.  

The only way school shootings will ever end is getting the proper education that is needed to prevent the worse from happening.

Creating videos and making them go viral is a start.  The real target with the videos and text messages is technically to make the government move faster with creating a resolution to the problem.  

The videos and text messages are a statement coming from the students.

The students are trying to reach out to people who actually care about what they are dealing with.  They are showing what violence, pain, and death look like when your school and everyone in it are the target. 

 Our government should be embarrassed about how they are handling the gun control problem.

We all can thank the one person who is running our government on this matter.  I don’t think these victims will ever have the closure they need to move forward unless the government finds some means of resolution to the problem.

Once the answer is found, I believe that is when the healing will begin for the victims of those who had to witness the horrific trauma that happened in their schools.  If you would like to read more on the articles you can go to: www.nytimes.com/savetherecordingsofschoolshootings and www.nytimes.com/studentwithgunisshotbyofficerinwisconsinhighschool

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