Books From All Periods of Time Can be Timeless

Timelessness Can Be Found in Books Too

By: Mark Deutsch

What a timeless book looks like. Credit: bustle.com

What makes a book timeless? Everyone has either read or heard of a book being so great, that it’ll be remembered for millenia. 

Some would claim that a profound book written about psychology or poetry will leave an indelible mark. But by what process can a book truly become a classic that everyone will read generations away? 

The basics to classify a book is known by everyone, but it’s still useful to go over what it’s composed of. For a book, it must have a tale between its covers that can cover a wide array of subjects. 

Not every “book” is classified as containing a delicious story, since there are other types of books to consider such as text books, in which their only redeeming value would be that they’re only good for a year or so. They only contain facts that serve to be memorized by students and afterwards, the textbooks are discarded in a couple years. 

Besides, there’s usually no inherent value in the books because it’s possible to just google any of the facts. 

Before going into an argument about how textbooks contain many credited facts, that’s something anyone else can do. When using the internet check any relevant journalist or credited papers. So besides listing possibly the least likely book to see on any shelf after two years, let’s move on to what actually can make a classic. 

The first thing that a book must have in order to be considered good, is by how enthralling the story is. What’s important is also how the readers react to the book,whether they enjoy or dislike it is up to them. 

So any author who possesses a self inflated ego about how great his book, his opinion won’t matter. 

That’s something else, that before becoming a famous author they shouldn’t brag that they’re hot stuff. Besides acting humble until the money starts rolling in along with fans, the story itself is vital. Without an interesting story that’s literally the heart of every book, it’s done that’ll become something memorable. 

Now in order to build a story that’ll become famous, an author will have to build a good structure for the book which will include long the book will be, the general idea for the book along with a prelude or an epilogue, and any hidden metaphors or symbols can be useful for later discussion, but in order to plant what was mentioned, the author needs a style. 

The style in which the author writes will leave a lasting impression, which as any writer knows, is something like a fingerprint. Having a unique style of writing is important, since this will be what fans or new readers love about the books. 

After the style of the book, the process of churning out enough books will gather attention, helping the author get remembered. 

From there on, what the readers plus the public consider the book will determine whether it will be a classic,or just popular for a period of time. There is one last detail almost consistent with people who write lasting books. 

The common trend is that whoever writes a timeless novel isn’t around to enjoy its success. True, the person can be assured that his/her book will be remembered forever, yet not every author gets that satisfaction. 

It could take decades or even centuries before the author’s book becomes renowned forever. These are the basics about how books can become timeless, from the crappiest form of books to it’s very mechanics.


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