Sex and Relationships

Best Signs to Fall in Love With Are Dollar Signs

An Opinion on Self-Love and Prosperity

By: Val Y. Ramos

You can have a relationship with money and love, but love is not just about romance. Credit: Time

This is my point of view about my lifestyle, as to why I don’t look into sex and relationships, and why I prefer to be married to the money. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have hopes in finding love, but just not at the moment and here is why. I’m the type of person that loves to idealize what the future could be, such as building the path that we can both walk on, making goals, and becoming better versions of ourselves.

Nowadays I find it hard to find a person that has that spark of optimism I look for in a person. It’s easy to fall into a dark hole of pessimism, believing that’s how life is meant to be, our minds constantly filled with negativity. 

Sometimes I feel uneasy when I ask about their goals and I’m looked at as if I asked for the strangest thing. Not to be that person but when they don’t have set plans for their own future… it’s a turn off. 

As of right now, I’m focused on finding ways to love myself before I can even think to do the same for others. Don’t expect others to love you; if you don’t love you, then you can’t give what you don’t have (read that over). 

I haven’t lost all hope. Once I find the right time to have something, I’ll put myself into attracting it, doing what’s possible to manifest it into my life.

 I have multiple goals, goals I wish to accomplish now and in the long-term. My reality is different than the reality we live in now, making my mentality different than what we were taught to believe.

 I have dreams and desires that I know will come true, I say it out loud, I share my vision. If I manifest it, I put it into existence. 

Everything you think of manifests around you. 

I always said I was going to London, not just to go, but for a reason. The plan was to do so when I’ve already stepped into my career field in about three years from now. But thanks to the business I’m part of, that trip came sooner than I intended.

 I beat myself to it, jumpstarting the beginning of my entrepreneurship, networking, and building my business. Living the life I have always wanted for myself. 

This is why I stay focused on myself and where the money flows, turned my three-year goal into a five-month process because I believed in myself and decided to take a life changing opportunity that was offered to me. 

You can have a relationship with money and love, but love is not just about romance. 

David Imonitie, one of my mentors, said “Valentine’s Day reflects a day of giving.” That’s why I’m satisfied with my lifestyle, because I know I’m giving back and impacting lives.

Put your best foot forward and things will start to change around you for the better. Show support and support will be given back to you. 

And if you thought aura had nothing to do with it, it has everything to do with it. Your aura pulls people towards you attracting individuals like you that are like-minded. 

My aura always pointed me towards individuals that have the same high frequency level as I do, making me love my business even more. 

I am coachable, willing to change, and enjoying what life has to offer. Anything is possible and the only person that can stop you is yourself.


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