Sex and Relationships

“Mutual” and its Knack For Making Common Connections

It’s like Tinder… for Mormons

By: Carlos Glick

Mutual Logo. Credit:

“Mutual” like Tinder, is a dating app designed for and geared towards individuals of the  Mormon faith. 

Dating apps such as Mutual come with a variety of features. Basic features on Mutual include the option of searching for a date within a 50 mile radius, or in a worldwide location. Another basic feature is the option of searching for a partner within a preferred age range. 

For example, right now, I am searching for people between the ages of 18-30 because that’s in my age range.

     If a user upgrades to premium, or “MutualUp”, they will have access to various features. 

There, you can see who likes you, boost up your profile, ward hop, unlimited double takes, ninja mode, daily notes, no ads and you can even search for people based on their height, which I find very fascinating. Features such as these can enhance a person’s overall experience on the dating app. 

     Other dating apps such as OkCupid and Zoosk can help people meet each other, but they are very different when compared to an app like Mutual. What I like about Mutual is you can date someone of your own faith. 

Like Tinder, except for swiping left or right to either like someone or even perhaps dislike someone, you swipe up to like someone or swipe down to dislike someone. 

There is even a feature in which you can report someone in which you can report them as having inappropriate behavior, inappropriate messages, inappropriate photos or even if someone is trying to spam you (which did happen to me recently, twice in the same week).

     With its creation in 2016, Cooper Boice, who graduated from BYU, puts a new spin on the industry with the creation of Mutual, a dating app created for Latter Day Saints (abbreviated to LDS) singles looking to make romantic connections. 

Apps like Mutual or Tinder are designed to allow users the opportunity to see other nearby singles. Many young single adults are probably familiar with Tinder swiping action to signal interest or rejection. Matches are made when there is an equal amount of chemistry and common interests. 

      Boice came up with the idea of Mutual after graduating from BYU in 2014 and relocating to Arizona. Where other dating services may lack, Mutual excels. 

     “It is really hard to find Latter Day Saints people on other dating apps” Boice said. “There are some LDS dating websites, but they are somewhat old-school and cost a lot of money.”

Mutual is free and available to LDS singles across the nation. Interested parties must have a Facebook account in order to establish a profile on Mutual. The biggest value of Mutual is the really great quality of LDS singles using it. 

      Lauren Call, a former BYU student, agreed that it can be difficult to identify LDS singles through other dating services. Call explained it can take an entire afternoon of looking through profiles for potential matches to find just a few that could work out.

      Comparable apps and dating sites also seem to attract more vulgarity and crudeness as they grow in popularity, according to Call.

     “I feel like the quality of men on (apps like) Tinder, in my opinion, is less,” Call said. I can see more vulgarity and crudeness than I do when I first got it a few years ago.” 

The creators of Mutual agreed with Call’s critique and hope to create an online dating environment that requests LDS church standards. Mutual, in my opinion, is one of the best dating apps ever created. 

No other dating app has you connect with people of your faith than Mutual does. I also like Mutual because I can connect with girls who share the same interests as me. 

It is important in a relationship to not only have chemistry, but to also share common interests, ideas, and values that can strengthen a couple’s connection.


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