First Time Ever Distance Learning is Implemented Without Warning

CSI Students had Little to No Warning about Campus Shut Down 

By: Lauren Pitta

Many students and professors will be working at home from their makeshift workspaces. Credit: Veronica Pistek

COVID-19 made attending college dangerous as the virus spread rather quickly. Students took their last class on campus March 10th, but little did they know it would close for good.

“I can’t believe my first year of college is completely online”. Said Joseph Russo, A CSI freshman. “Never in a million years did I expect to be taking biology online, its beyond crazy.”

For Russo and many students alike, no one could have predicted that half of the Spring 2020 semester would end up being held via distance learning. To start the semester in a classroom and finish at home from a laptop or cellphone can be a challenge to many students.

For some students this may come as easy work; take English majors for example. They tend to find it easy as most of the work they normally do is typing essays or reading. 

For a student majoring in a science or math area, the work may seem rather difficult.

These distant learning classes are being run one of two different ways. One way is synchronously, in which students and professors meet online virtually at the same time. 

The other is asynchronously, when a professor posts the work with a due date and everything is done via email.

“I just had my first math class online through the video lecture and I’m going to be honest, it was pretty awful”. Said CSI senior Gianna D’ambra. “I would much rather be sitting in class. It’s pretty hard to focus when you’re sitting at home with 100 other things I would rather be doing.”

Although some students find it to be more difficult and rather boring, other students tend to enjoy the freedom more. Even though both distant learning types follow strict deadlines, it can be less stressful to do on your own time-rather than once a week in a four hour class where a lot of students say they lose focus after an hour anyway.

“I kind of like the online schooling way better,” said CSI Junior Kevin Minks. “I can do it on my own time, if I feel like I need a break I give myself a break. Even for the classes with lectures online I pay more attention and I think its because its new and its pretty cool.”

Remote learning has only been active for about two weeks. As the days go on students and professors will become more and more comfortable with these new learning tools. Since the spring semester is done for the year, we cannot help but wonder if this online learning will have an impact on the remainder of some students’ school year. 

It was announced that summer courses of 2020 will be held online also. 

The students who enjoy the remote learning wonder if after this, CSI will offer more classes online or hold more classes with online lectures.

Not only students, but also professors also may become accustomed to working on a different time schedule, working a little more freely, at least for those who are not doing online video streaming lectures. 

It may even feel unusual when normal face to face lectures are back up and running. Remote learning is not the only thing online, any CSI office you could normally walk into for any sort of assistance is no more.

“Until further notice, our office will be operating virtually Monday through Friday, during regular hours from 9 am to 5 pm.” As posted on the advisement website. “Please DO NOT come to the office.”

Not only do students have to adapt to this new world of learning online, they need to learn how to maneuver their way through many other obstacles whether it be advisement, counseling, etc.

“Many people say technology is evil.” Said Russo. “But without this technology it would  all be a shit show right now.”



As a senior I’m taking my last three classes before graduating:

ENL 227, ENL 373, ENL 432 which are all being taught asynchronously and I believe is working well for me to complete all my work.

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