“Pandemic,” a Coronavirus Movie, Couldn’t Be More Relatable Till Now

The Two Part Movie About The Coronavirus is Set to Be Released Soon

By: Carlos Glick

A movie poster of the two part movie. Credit: Fox News

“Pandemic” is a TV series that came out in 2007. It is a two part series that consists of two episodes. The TV series is very similar to what is happening today.

The show starts off with a 19 year old boy, Ames, who is coming home from Australia to California to visit his family, only to find out that his friend from Australia is sick and eventually dies. Ames, on the other hand, manages to catch his cold by shaking his friends hand. 

The next day as Ames is getting ready to board Flight 182 to Los Angeles, detectives go out to search the property to where Ames’s friend resides only to find both a dead body and a dead animal on site. But, things on Flight 182 from Australia to Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn for the worst. 

On Flight 182, even while at the airport, Ames is experiencing a tremendous cough that ends up being something worse on the plane. A flight attendant notices something wrong with Ames, who has a bloody nose and coughs a lot. Luckily, there was a doctor on board the aircraft that could help. As the flight continued on, Ames died. The plane had to make an emergency stop in which the CDC came on and told everyone to evacuate the plane as they were escorted by busses to a hospital. 

Everyone who came in contact with Ames on Fight 182 had become contaminated with the disease he had. The governor and mayor found out what had happened and ordered everyone to quarantine in the city of Los Angeles. 

There are side stories in the movie that relate to the plot. For example, in one of the few side stories, we get to see the relationship between Dr. Kayla Martin, and her niece. The two have a strong bond with one another. 

At the end of part one, we find out that the niece was in a taxi and the driver was exposed to the virus as well. The niece caught it and was sent to the hospital by her mother, where she was treated and cared for in part two. 

People who have caught the virus or have been exposed to it, were between the ages of 10-60, the youngest being 12 years old. From just one sick person in Australia to millions, the virus can spread easily and is very contagious.

I wouldn’t have imagined that 13 years later, the events that took place within the two episode series came true. It is like this show predicted the future. Every single event, from people catching the virus, to people being quarantined, is happening right now in the present day. 

Even though the movie came out in 2007, I would give this movie a 5 star review. The story line is amazing and each and every event that took place was beautifully acted. 

I just loved every single moment of the film. This movie has some potential to be one of the best TV movies or shows out there. It is definitely up there in that category.

If this movie were shot today, in today’s standards, I can see it being an Oscar award winning film. There was adventure, mystery and  action. I would give it a two thumbs up.


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