Are You all for Athleisure, or a Sucker for Style?

High Fashion at Home

By: Veronica Pistek

This is me sporting my favorite crocs and adidas track pants. Credit: Veronica Pistek

For years, I have been a skirt-wearing, dress-loving, uncomfortable clothes-advocate. I showed up to classes in my cutest outfits, and fought through the pain everyday to be stylish. But once lockdown began, I stopped wearing my best and reached for my running gear, sweatpants, and my favorite…crocs.

Yes, you may have noticed that since lockdown commenced, a lot of fashion standards have gone out the window. While we may not be stunting our style in public, many have still found different ways to express themselves through their clothing.

This quarantine has especially drawn the line between those who basque in comfort, and those who will sacrifice anything for style…even if it’s just in their living room. Whether you are all in for sweatpants, leggings– or perhaps one of those rare people that prefer to wear jeans everyday, it’s interesting to see why people choose the outfits that they do.

Claudia Buonsante rocking her homemade mask. Credit: Claudia Buonsante

Much like myself, CSI student Claudia Buonsante is proud of rocking her sweatpants and leggings on the daily. Buonsante has even been wearing homemade masks that she created and sewed together herself.

Kristine Masseria shows that athleisure can be cute too. Credit: Kristine Masseria

Another advocate for athleisure is athlete Kristine Masseria from Drew University. She is seen across her Instagram wearing a cute pair of leggings and simple tee, proving that comfort can still be fashionable.

These are just a few examples of people who decided that they might as well supplement the anxiety of a worldwide crisis with clothing that makes them feel cozy and good.

Naturally, in a world filled with comfort chic, there are others that find their comfort by sticking to their normal high fashion routine. 

By wearing the things one would normally wear to school or work, it can potentially keep productivity and motivation flowing as usual.

Michael Sorensen…fashion icon. Credit: Michael Sorensen

One person that exemplifies this phenomenon is CSI Macaulay Honors student Michael Sorensen. Sorensen is seen as a fashion icon amongst his friends, and doesn’t plan on stopping during the quarantine. 

“Many people may find quarantine as an opportunity to feel more at ease and rest during the uncertain times. Instead, I view it as an opportunity to follow my normal routine: wake up, throw on my favorite pair of skinny jeans and get to work,” the high fashion advocate explained. 

Sitting here in my messy bun, oversized sweatshirt and crocs, I commend Sorensen’s outlook…but I’m pretty happy where I am. 

Another reason why some people decide to sport denim over cotton is because of a creative choice. This is a unique opportunity for artists, such as fashion designers, to create new pieces and experiment with their ideas.

Original jean designs from Victoria Panzella’s brand “$ad Girls Club.” Credit: Victoria Panzella

One of these creatives is a student at FIT named Victoria Panzella. Panzella is just starting her career in the fine arts and fashion business, which is why she took this time to herself to focus on combining her passions.

“I had this idea to create painted jeans for a while, but my first semester was so busy and it got pushed off for a while. Once I had the chance, I went to Michaels and bought some fabric paint,” the artist described.

“Eventually, I was posting about the fun I was having with my little project, and people started to ask to see more! Next thing I knew, the $ad Girls Club was born,” Panzella explained. 

This FIT student saw an opportunity from her pleasurable project, and turned it into a small business to showcase her artwork. 

So, there’s not one cookie-cutter reason as to why someone prefers sweats over jeans, and vice versa. In a world that is going through much pain, hardship, and sadness, it’s exciting to see people express themselves, or just be simply comfortable.

In my case, I’ll be in my crocs until this is all over!


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