Living in the Time of Coronavirus

Surviving Fear With New Daily (and Nightly) Routines

Balancing online school, work, family, and shopping from home is now the reality we all face. Credit:

Living in fear while remaining isolated from the outside world makes you realize how often we take “normal” life for granted. As coronavirus cases continue to rise, trying to find the silver lining is difficult. Most routines that seemed so common just months ago have all but vanished. Even going outside now demands a certain level of vigilance to ensure our health. 

We asked different people to describe their new routines during quarantine, and how they are coping with the inability to go outside.

For many college students, especially, online classes have been central to their everyday routine. 

“Despite not attending the campus, I am still obligated to wake up on time for online class, check my email regularly for assignments or updates from professors and make note of deadlines and exam dates. In terms of the workload that comes with certain college courses, very little has changed with the move to distance learning.” CSI student Daniel Clark states. 

Even though Clark has been able to adapt with ease, there are other students that face at-home responsibilities that may get in the way of focusing.

Mother and student Malissa Wilson explains, “I struggled to concentrate, juggling a variety of new virtual resources, zoom meetings, doing schoolwork with my 6-year-old, attempting to keep up with my schoolwork, cooking 3 meals per day, cleaning, and balancing my checkbook for this long rainy day we’ve all just embarked on.” 

Others also are experiencing the impact of an irregular schedule. Jonathan Rydell, a CSI student, states that “ I have been noticing irregularities in my sleeping, eating, and ability to focus. I normally wouldn’t complain, but I already suffer from ADHD, constant exhaustion, and absentmindedly forgetting meals. I don’t need the quarantine making these things worse.” 

In addition to the new way of learning, people must also shop more cautiously. 

“The groceries don’t come into the house until each item has been sprayed down with Lysol, said Francis Rivera of Staten Island. “Even though I wear a mask and gloves when I’m out, I come home, remove my clothes and wash both my hands and face before touching anything.”

Even when you go to the store, you must have a plan. Many items are rolling off the shelves, so stores have begun implementing product limits. 

“I personally strategize my shopping now, and try to hit the essential stores on the morning they receive their shipment of new products. This is necessary because people are overstocking on items, and the shelves are usually empty now. Consumers have also rationed products to make it easier for more people to get products.” CSI student Santiella Jeune Dumeny says.

Ultimately, this is the new normal that we are experiencing. While many miss being an active member of society, it is our duty to follow the social distancing guidelines to stop the spread. 

Hopefully, by having your own quarantine routine, life can seem just a little more…real.

Much like CSI student S. Lezama says, “Having a weekday routine has significantly helped me keep track of my days. Or at least, help me remember when I need to take the garbage out for trash day. It also helps keep me busy so I’m not constantly searching for news updates on my phone as they constantly refresh on my Instagram feed.”


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