Creative Writing

Someone said Checkmate

By: Jolie V. Gutierrez


Sober during my depression, but I need another pill to sleep. 

One more dream, where I see my lover and I feel their heartbeat.

Monday morning coffee, where I can hug my coworker without apologizing for touching them.

Everlasting life, its spring break, who cares, right?

Obliviate my new year of existence, blow out my candles for me, so I can mourn the dead. 

New rules, new policies, new laws, new ways to adapt.

Every new day is a new feeling. Let’s be optimistic today and let’s cry tomorrow. 


sexual tension as I stare at myself in the mirror. 

accidents happen all the time. 

isolation, but not the one I enjoy, not the one I chose.

distancing myself from others while I distance who I am from myself.


Conditioned to withdraw from happiness, I’m a pawn in this game.

Held captive in my only form, obeying orders.

Every move I get closer, and closer.


Karma? Did we not take care of one another enough?

My knuckles are red and raw. 65 percent alcohol and 35 percent gone,

And I have my hands pressed on my windows, the ones I want to break.

Take a leave of absence.

Everybody, take a leave and come back when the world is better.


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