Credit/No Credit CUNY Grading Policy

Student’s Thoughts on the Updated Grading Policy for This Semester

By: Carlos Glick

Above shows a simplified explanation of the grading policy set in place for the Spring 2020 semester. Credit:

On March 30, 2020, the CUNY Board of Trustees approved the following policy; “During the Spring 2020 semester, all students shall have the option to convert any or all of the (A-F) letter grades they earn in their classes, to Credit/No Credit policy.” 

What does this mean? Vice President Jennifer Borrero sums it up perfectly. She says, “Courses taken for a letter grade will continue to be included in the semester and general GPA, while courses taken for a Credit/Non-credit grade will be excluded.”

I had the opportunity to interview and get a group of students’ opinions on what they had to say about this topic. One student, Olivia Frasca, a CSI Junior, says the following. “Students didn’t sign up for their classes to go online. Remote work changes the way I understand and learn, so I’m glad CUNY is accounting for this with the new grading policy.” 

Another student, Joanna Locicero, also a Junior, says “I’m grateful knowing that my GPA won’t be affected terribly if I receive a grade that I’m unhappy with. It is really difficult at this time to concentrate on anything besides coronavirus, so to have the option for credit or no credit makes it a little easier.”

Michael Turchi, a Senior attending CSI, says “I am happy that CSI is offering this ‘For Credit’ option, especially for students in the New York City area, which has been heavily affected during this pandemic. Many, including myself, have heightened anxiety during these times making it difficult to complete assignments. I’m glad to know that if I don’t get a great grade due to these not being normal times, I’ll still have the option to have it not affect my GPA.” 

Liana Ventura who will be a Junior in the Fall, says “The credit/no credit option gives us a chance to breathe, that even if we missed something, or did poorly, it’s not gonna affect all the hard work and effort we maintained to keep up our GPA. I think the best thing they did was give us a chance not to overstress about getting the best grades during this crisis. Teachers didn’t even give us a break, every assignment is an essay or more and when you have 5 or more classes, it can get a little insane. Attendance shouldn’t be mandatory because we have to take care of ourselves and bad things can happen at any moment.” 

I, myself have something to add to this topic, first coming to CSI last semester, I had honestly no idea what would happen. This pandemic changed me in who I am as a person, and as a student has allowed me to reflect on my academic studies. 

Before, I didn’t really try my best to turn in assignments, but now, I feel like I have more time to get stuff done. As far as the grading policy for this semester goes, I am glad that CUNY is giving us the chance to either accept our grades or change them to CR/NC once we get our grades. We are choosing the effect on our future.


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