Student Life During The Time of COVID

How are students currently coping with online school?

By: Carlos Glick

A young college girl student in front of her laptop writing notes in her notebook. Credit: Click2Houston

College life can be very stressful during these difficult times. This pandemic has changed the way we learn. 

From in-person to online, we all have different ways we learn and grow as a student. I have interviewed students from CSI, along with students from other CUNY colleges, and got their thoughts about the transition from going to in-person to online.

Allison Delarosa, a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has this to say about her experience from making the transition from in-person to online. 

“At first, it wasn’t an easy adjustment. I was so accustomed to in-person classes. And transferring to an online setting for my classes at the comfort of my own home induced a bit of complacency in my part. 

I didn’t organize my time in between my classes very well. And with the pandemic going on, I didn’t have much motivation in my studies. But I’m determined to change all that this semester as I don’t have many classes left to graduate.” 

Sabrina Benet, a student here at the College of Staten Island, has this to say. 

“I’m dealing with it in waves. Some days, I feel way more confident than others with it. Others, I spend frustrated about technical difficulties and the challenges learning online brings with it. 

Other than that, I am not doing anything special to aid my experience, maybe just using a journal. I am overall frustrated with online learning. 

Though I do prioritize the health of myself and others around me, this has been a super difficult transition that has been unique from person to person. Everyone’s experience is different and I hope that we can learn from that moving forward.”

Olivia Frasca, another student here at the College of Staten Island, has this to say. 

“During the summer, I organized my desk and updated applications on my computer so I would be prepared to handle the online workload from home. When I started the semester, I didn’t realize just how long I’d find myself sitting at my desk. 

Since I have back to back online classes, staring at the computer for most of the day is pretty draining. I’ve been trying to stay active in between classes and spend as much time as I can outside to avoid fatigue. 

A change of scenery and some sun doesn’t hurt either. I’ve taken online classes before, so the transition wasn’t bad for me. Some of my professors had hiccups with their audio in the beginning, but after letting them know, they were able to resolve it.”

I, myself have something to add to this topic.  

When I first heard about classes being all online this semester, I thought to myself, “This is both a good thing and a bad thing.” 

Good, meaning I can focus and concentrate on my work. Bad, meaning I cannot have the everyday social interactions with my friends and classmates. I keep myself motivated by having an amazing smoothie nearly everyday, along with listening to inspirational music that motivates me to do my work. 

For example, I listen to this amazing playlist on Spotify entitled “Study with The Piano Guys” along with “The Piano Guys: Best of.” Listening to these two playlists not only motivates me to do my work but is also a really nice to have in the background while I am doing my school work. 

We are all living in a crazy time right now with the Coronavirus Pandemic going on. If we stay true to our studies and focus our time on schoolwork, then we can have more time at accomplishing things to our very best and we will feel more motivated and comfortable in handling the worries of online classes.


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