New Owner and Current Standings for The New York Mets

Is there any hope left for the New York Mets? 

By: Angelina Salvador

New York Mets lineup after winning against the nationals, Thursday 24th. Credit: New York Mets on Twitter

As of two weeks ago, the New York Mets have been bought by billionaire Steve Cohen, with a majority of control, from the Wilpons and Katz, for 2.4 billion dollars. This won’t be official until next month or so, as there are still votes and discussions to be made. 

Once Cohen’s sale for the Mets is approved, he will hire Sandy Alderson as president for the Mets. This is a good move by him, considering Alderson has previously been involved with the team as president for eight years back in 2010, and attained good players. 

Players like Michael Conforto, Dominic Smith, Pete Alonso, and Brandon Nimmo were all drafted by Alderson. These guys are some of the best they’ve had, and with Alderson being hired again, will mean more good players in the future and hopefully more wins. 

Although the team will soon have a better owner, who will definitely be better than the Wilpons/Katz, not much is happening to the team itself in the 2020 baseball season, especially with the final games until the playoffs.

Is there any hope for the team though? Basically, they are mathematically still in the race for the playoffs, but it’s not probable that they will make it at all, hanging on with 26 wins and 31 losses as of Thursday, the 24th.

The Mets only won one out of the three games against the Tampa Bay Rays, which isn’t looking so bright. They will now need to win all their upcoming games in order to make it to the playoffs.  

For the final away games against the Washington Nationals, they’ll also need to win all  four games against them, which they have so far won only one of. Thursday night, they won 3-2 against, and as of Friday night, the game has been postponed to Saturday, as they play a double header against the Nationals. 

Even though they’ll still have to win all their games, it isn’t that probable that the team will make it into the playoffs, especially with their very small chance. They’re alive, but they just won’t make it. 

We’ll see what happens through the weekend and see if there is any small miracle they’ll make it. 

As the underdogs of the MLB, they have won some great games in this strangely odd Covid 19-20 season. If there wasn’t a pandemic, the Mets would most likely be in the position they are in today, and even if the virus didn’t happen, the team would have players like pitcher Marcus Stroman who opted out, helping the struggling bullpen and maybe even Yoenis Cespedes (but that’s a different story). 

Players like Dominic Smith and Jacob deGrom have been pulling through like always and giving us some great moments. Smith, who’s batting .322 is just excellent, along with his 10 home runs. 

The lower the ERA, the better- and with deGrom, who’s hurled to an ERA of 2.14 this season, has won 4 games that he has played in and lost 2. That’s the deGrominator for you. In addition, Pitcher David Peterson has also been keeping the team alive, even with his ERA of 3.44, which is just about average.

With the baseball season closing in on the Mets, we hope to see the team thrive for next year. There are high hopes and positive impacts to come with Steve Cohen’s purchase of the team, and with Sandy Alderson returning as president. 

Let’s hope the Mets keep in mind what Tom Seaver once said: “In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted, if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.”

And though the season is about done for them, you still have got to believe- you just have to! Even if the season is over for the Mets, let’s keep the hope alive for next season!


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