The Chef Who Recreates the Unfeasible and Teaches the Basic Norm of Cooking

A Chef who has Become Famous for the Edible Impossibles into Reality 

By: Mark Deutsch

The basic Babish intro when first seeing his videos. Credit:

Binging With Babish is a YouTube cooking channel hosted by Babish himself. He has created four different channels and has even started a new channel called “Stump Sohla.

“Stump Sohla” is a new show featuring Sohla El-Waylly and is hosted by Babish. The show always starts with Sohla standing in the kitchen, with a spinning wheel behind her. Then Babish comes in with a microphone, that may just be for show, and Sohla gives it a spin. 

Beforehand, Babish will give her a unique requirement to fulfill to which she has to use whatever the wheel stops on as a resource. Any challenge that Sohla faces on this new Babish channel, she manages to pull off.  

Now onto how Babish cooks and films his episodes in his kitchen. When Babish films he stands at his table without showing his face. Granted he does show his face during his videos, but only when he has to bend over for tasting food.

The food that Babish recreates comes from everywhere, literally. He pulls food from movies, cartoons, and tv shows. Before he starts cooking, he shows the instance where the meal has appeared. He then goes into what ingredients and methods are needed to create said dish.

Babish usually finishes making the food half way before the video ends, the remaining time is spent on improving the dish. Most of the time, what Babish recreates can range from purely awful to needing slight improvement. Babish loves to experiment in making these famous foods taste better in real life.

Of course there are foods that can’t be saved such as the All Meat Burrito from “ The Regular Show.” According to the cartoon, it’s a burrito filled with every type of animal meat, including of course exotic meat. Babish bought every exotic meat he could find and tried recreating it, but failed.

It’s rare for him to finish a meal, so if it does it’s special, and therefore enters the Clean Plate Club. But there’s one original meal that’s completely beaten Babish. It’s called the “Twinki Weiner” from “ Weird Al’ Yankovic.” 

The recipe calls for cheap ingredients such as a hotdog placed in a twinkie topped with squeezy cheese in a line down the hotdog. This “meal” entered Babish’s clean plate club to which  Babish couldn’t improve on Weird Al’s creation. 

Besides doing his own cooking, Babish has also appeared on other shows such as “Hot Ones” and even interviewed by CBS. Babish has also invited friends of his and other YouTube stars to share food. 

To make his food as close to the original dish as possible, he will even use robots. 

Babish went as far as to contact a friend of his, Dan Souza, from “America’s Test Kitchen.” They built a robot to flip giant pancakes to accurately reproduce the pancakes from the film “ Uncle Buck”. After many tries they became pioneers in the history of pancakes.

Babish has accomplished many things besides reproducing foods from cartoons,movies, and tv shows, and will probably be doing Binging with Babish for a long time.


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