You’ve Heard of Sherlock Holmes, But What About Enola?

Millie Bobby Brown Stars in a New Action-Packed Mystery Film

By: Brooke Price

Enola Holmes is on the search for her mother. Credit:

Enola grew up spending time with her mother. They were each other’s best friends. 

However, one day on Enola’s sixteenth birthday, she discovers that her mother is missing. Determined and strong-minded Enola puts together the clues to find out why and where her mother went.

After her older brothers Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes left home, Enola was raised solely by her mother Eudoria, following her father’s death. She was not a traditional mother; she taught Enola science, archery and self-defense. 

She especially loved puzzles and other mind games—Enola’s name spelled backwards means “alone.”

Enola was devastated to awake on her sixteenth birthday day to find that her mother is missing. However, she soon discovers clues that can help her figure out where her mother is.

Now that Enola’s mother is missing, her guardian, Mycroft Holmes, wants her to go to a finishing school. There, she can learn etiquette and embroidery and be a proper lady but Enola refuses to go and wants her independence and free will.

Enola’s hectic life later becomes intertwined with that of Viscount Tewkesbury who is being targeted by a hitman for his life. The two later form a close bond during the film.

Millie Bobby Brown, known for playing Eleven in “Stranger Things” plays Enola. Viscount Tewkesbury is played by Louis Partridge.

Henry Cavill, known for playing Superman in the DC extended universe films, plays Sherlock Holmes, Enola’s older brother. Sam Claflin plays Enola’s second older brother, Mycroft. Claflin is known for playing Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games franchise.

Sherlock sees nothing wrong with Enola expressing herself and doing less traditional activities, whereas Mycroft is harsher on Enola and is set on her becoming a proper lady.

Helena Bonham Carter plays Enola’s free-spirited mother, Eudoria Holmes. Bonham Carter is known for playing Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter movies and the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s remake of the Alice in Wonderland films.

Millie Bobby Brown is also a producer of the film. She wanted to be in the movie because she and her sister grew up reading “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” books.

The film also centers on the women’s suffrage movement and the tensions it created as some people were divided on it.

“Enola Holmes” is a mystery film that is available on Netflix. The film is based on the first book of the “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” series by Nancy Springer, called “The Case of the Missing Marquess.”

In an interview with Panama City News Herald, Springer discussed the creation of Enola Holmes. She discussed that she wanted to focus on London during the time of Jack the Ripper. 

“I thought, well, I can’t give Holmes a child. I think he’s still a virgin. So what about a much younger sister?” From there, Enola was created, “Enola had polite yet distant family relations. She had spent her childhood running wild, a friendless oddity, yet society expected that she would grow up to conform to restrictive norms. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t.”

Millie Bobby Brown performed her own stunts throughout the movie wearing an underskirt, petticoat, skirt, and corset.

She also had to get used to filming in a British accent. In “Stranger Things,” her character spoke with an American accent, which she has been playing for many years. In an interview with Express, she mentioned the difficulty of speaking with an accent she hasn’t used in a while.

“For the last five years, I’ve been playing an American character in Stranger Things, and I found it really challenging being British in this, even though I am a Brit, I had to learn how to speak again because I’m so used to speaking in an American accent!”

If you’re ready to see a mystery film with some action that will keep you guessing, then “Enola Holmes” is the right choice for you!


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