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Sex Appeal on Wheels

James Midura drives a luxury car that gets more than an engine revving.

By: Andrew Lauro

Infiniti Q50 carries a 3.0-Liter V6 Twin-Turbo Engine. The engine block is crafted entirely out of aluminum to reduce weight and increase responsiveness, making it easier to maneuver in NYC traffic.

Before Covid-19 hit, James Midura could not always find the time to detail his Infiniti Q50. He was busy maintaining a schedule between CSI and his part-time job at ShopRite. But since the pandemic started, his time spent commuting to school is now used for detailing his 40,000-dollar luxury car.

Midura’s Infiniti is classified as a luxury vehicle. The Q50 has dual-zone automatic climate control, proximity keyless entry, a leather-wrapped steering/interior wheel, alloy wheels, and many other comfortable pros. 

Luxury can demand a lot of upkeep. To keep his car from aging, Midura will detail his car about once a month.

When asked if his car has helped him out in social opportunities with his preferred sex, Midura responded with a laugh.

“The car has helped me in that aspect,” Midura said. “Quite a few times actually.”

It took James Midura 2.5 hours to detail his Infiniti Q50. His hard work paid off.

Detailing is a thorough cleaning process that involves an inside and outside cleaning. Midura uses a Dyson – V7 cordless vacuum to remove dirt from the interior carpet, and a Swiffer for dusting the dashboard. The Last Coat is the name of Midura’s preferred wax to give the exterior of his Q50 a protective layer to the paint that adds a shine.

Detailing is done periodically. If you detail your car too much it will wear down the paint job. A thorough detailing can last up to 5 weeks.

“You cannot control too much of it,” Midura said. “But it is important to stay clean.”

With Midura behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle with 400 horsepower and a 160-mph max speed, it only makes sense that someone wants to challenge what he has under the hood.

Midura is levelheaded and does not accept racing challenges. “It is stupid” to endanger his or someone else’s life. He admits that the car is race-worthy, however, as the Infiniti Q50 can reach 62 mph in 5 seconds. 

“Getting paid to drive fancy vehicles is my dream job,” said Midura. “There is nothing better than enjoying what you do for a living.”

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