OPINION: Domestic Terrorists, Not Protestors

Havoc wreaks throughout Capitol Hill as President Trump encourages violence.

By: Angelina Salvador

Photo Cred: Angelina Salvador 

On Wednesday, January 6th of 2021, congress met to count the vote. Just as Republicans began objecting to Arizona’s election results, Trump supporters inharmoniously swarmed outside Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. 

Breaking in and charging all over the Capitol, engaging in sedition — call it like it is, these people are not protestors. Despite numerous news outlets and a handful of Trump supporters calling them protestors, they aren’t. 

These are domestic terrorists. Uncontrolled from the start, no shame and filled with contradiction. No police or National Guard. No one was there to stop any of these people, because of their white privileged skin. 

So many questions arise as everyone at their homes watch the anarchy unfold right before their eyes, just like President Trump. Where is he and why isn’t he doing anything? Everyone expected him to do nothing, and he continues to prove that. This has been unfolding for more than two hours as I watch anxiously, and only two tweets from Trump have been posted.

Trump is letting this happen, this is his legacy. Hurting people and the US, just one tweet at a time, condoning the threats and violence and fascism yet again.

When we look back at the Black Lives Matter protest at Capitol Hill, there were police attacking with violence and using all their weapons against innocent lives who were pushing for change. And now at the Capitol, no police or any authority is there to intervene. 

Trump Supporters—the rioters—are inside the Capitol illegally, and no one is there stopping them. Not even the President, as he sits in the White House watching, tweeting, and letting it happen. He enjoys everything about this. 

Although Trump had finally released a video statement two hours in, it didn’t say anything. He didn’t show leadership just like every other time he’s spoken out within his entire presidency. Of course, he opens the video with his stolen election claims, almost whining like a child. 

Despite mentioning keeping the peace, Trump later continues to condone the act of terrorism as he says he loves them and they are special. In what way, exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. This is both infuriating and amusing, especially because of his response to BLM peaceful protests months ago and Wednesday’s threatening act from his supporters are filled with hypocrisy. 

Trump supposedly doesn’t condone violence unless it benefits him and his “proud boys”. For instance, police brutality in America and during BLM protests, and the rising terrorism of his supporters. 

Taking a knee isn’t violent. Holding up a fist to the air and begging for change isn’t violent. The Black Lives Matter movement is not violent. But you know what is? Fascism and Trump’s support for those people storming Capitol Hill. 

Nothing that happened Wednesday was a protest, no matter what Republican or Trump supporters said on Twitter. It wasn’t a protest and it wasn’t activism either. Anything they do will never be considered protests because they have nothing to fight for. 

This is domestic terrorism, a threat to the country they supposedly love. This is Donald Trump’s presidential legacy, Republicans’ legacy: destroying America and democracy. 

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